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Do you require a professional stylist or personal shopper? By StylingAmsterdam would love to assist you to look fabulous for any occasion. Send us an email at Even though By StylingAmsterdam is on top of news and stories from the fashion world, we’d love to hear from you if you have a bright idea or exciting tip. Please send us an email at


Conditions for the product giveaway will require entrants to either LIKE the sponsor’s Facebook page, or visit the sponsor’s site and provide some sort of feedback. Please read the conditions of joining a giveaway carefully in the related posts. We always ensure that products are items we use and love ourselves — otherwise we wouldn’t endorse them!



Would you like us to review a specific product? If so, we look forward to hearing from you. Tell us about your brand and product for editorial content on our website. Whether it’s a new apparel item, accessories or a beauty product, we incorporate these into an outfit post and include links back to the sponsor’s websiteWe promote all of our blog posts through social media, resulting in increased opportunities for your ads to be viewed!
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There are several ways to advertise on by Styling Amsterdam. You could think of display advertising, blogs and advertorials, giveaways and more. If you need any further information regarding advertising on by Styling Amsterdam, please contact us.


We try to correctly credit every image we use that wasn’t taken by ourself. All images are used for commenting purposes only, but if you would like a credit changed or an image removed please contact us. If we’ve failed with one of yours, let us know and we’ll give you credit with links immediately. If you would like it removed, we’ll do that too, but first, thank you for the inspiration.

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