monica van halder


Life is a precious gift, and looking back at what crossed my path and the things it has given me, I realize it should be cherished and shared. Now fully embracing myself – yes, including the many flaws – I focus on my passions to reach out and connect with like-minded women of a certain age. I firmly believe that adventure and discovery is a state of mind, and can only be appreciated with an open-minded, mature spirit. My blog is a reflection of my many passions and interests, ranging from fashion news to must-have shoes and indispensible beauty products, to food tips, fabulous new stores – indeed, I love shopping! – and inspiring travel destinations across the globe. But it’s not only me you’ll be hearing from. Luckily, I have a small and dedicated team who share my vision, and they’ll be contributing with compelling articles as well.

Best Regards, Monica Van Halder