Aquazzura Milano New Concept Store

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The beautiful interior of Casa do Passadiço’s was designed by interior designers, Cláudia and Catarina Soares, in collaboration with Aquazzura’s Edgardo Osorio. Inspired by 70’ Italian style.
this project, using top-level craftmanship and noble and sophisticated materials: the rare burgundy and grey french marble floor, the tented-shape ceiling (the stripes are recurrent features of the brand that found its inspiration roots in the Florentine Basilica of Santa Maria Novella) and the golden brass wall covered of thousands of hand-cut golden scales, creating a pattern that is reminiscent of the gold pineapple ( iconic symbol of the brand) the pink hue present in the glossy lacquer paneling walls, the niches upholstered in pink silk moiré fabric, the golden brass shelves, the velvet sofas.

Aquazzura Boutique
Via Sant’Andrea, 12, 20121
Milano ,Italië

photos: © Aquazzura


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