My Bath Detox Guide

Bath Detox Guide


When I take a bath, I really enjoy being  relaxed,especially after a tough day at work or some intense traveling.
I love to use some products that truly work their magic when it comes to relaxation.
Here are my top 5

1. The Palermo Body DETOX BODY SCRUB TEA TREE + GRAPEFRUIT  will detoxify and relieve inflammation.
2. Tammy Fender Bulgarian Lavende body oil.
3. Pursoma’s Minerals de Mer Bath Soak helps you relax and detox after a long day or night.
4.Luxurious coffee and brown sugar scrub, blended with ganoderma lucidum and cordyceps sinesis mushroom extract,
5.This ultra-rich overnight face oil by Uma
No matter how old you are you will  wake you up with radiant skin!

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