The Struggle Between Credibility and Beliefs

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Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. Today we take some time to talk about how beliefs and our credibility, as well as the credibility of others, impacts our food choices and habits.  

Let’s first review the definition of both credibility and belief, on behalf of the Google dictionary.
Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in; being convincing or believable.
Belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

In this modern era with the current systems in place in our society, having credibility plays a major role in success.  We have been taught that the schools we participate in and attend are legit only if they are accredited, that the nurses must obtain a license, and the plumber too. That in order for a business to succeed it must have an excellent reputation and an impeccable (financial??) record. 

As with all other aspects of our lives, we have been brainwashed, programmed by our government, media, TV and the education system.  Every lesson we have learned has another side of the story, yet we were only taught one. 

Credibility is intrinsically linked to our beliefs. Once we have been programmed to believe in something, credibility has been established, see how it works?
After that, the same beliefs become limiting because we are programmed to believe in only what we are programmed for.  The programming depends solely on a geographic coincidence.  Our environment dictates what we believe in.
So you ask, how does this paradigm affect us and our eating habits?
Depending on where we are born and what we have been programmed for, our eating habits will be determined. When a product or a lifestyle has been accredited and is established we support it and believe in it. If we want to choose a different nutrition or lifestyle, we need to stay open to other possibilities, to other beliefs. Yes, it is difficult to shift beliefs once we are set in our ways and ideas. It is here where we must exercise our will power and self control to have a shift and allow other beliefs to pour in.
Allowing other ideas and beliefs makes us grow intellectually.  Don’t stay stuck in old ways, instead allow new information and knowledge to come in.  As usual all our blogs are simply an opinion based on our experiences and studies.  We too understand the importance of having a set of beliefs and having credibility however we remain open to new information and ways to improve our life experience.
We here at Sandra Cline Living have a plan for anyone who is interested in having a shift in their nutrition and lifestyle. Together we can develop a personalized method that can set your journey on a different direction. To book a session contact us via email  

As usual thanks so much for your support.  We hope you have found this blog useful and will share with your friends and family.  Have a wonderful day.  

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Sandra Fuentes
Sandra Fuentes

Sandra is Graduated from Le Cordon bleu, French culinary school in Miami, USA. Certified in Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda cooking from the Chakrapani Ayurveda institute, Jaipur, India. Studied Thai cuisine in Chaing Mae, Thailand at the Thai Orchid Institute and has a Motivational Speaker and Life Coaching Diploma on Neuro-linguistic Programing from Global NLP training, in Miami, FL. Also a licensed Thai massage therapist while staying in Chaing Mae Thailand.

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