Guidelines For The Modern, Savvy and Conscious Food Shopper (Buyers Beware).

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Our nutrition and its current situation go far back to the past 10 years. Our current food disaster,  here in United States, started a few decades ago when we lost sight of where our foods and products came from. When we trusted the government to make the right choices for our palate and when we got too busy to care about what we eat.

It has been a costly mistake, illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease have increased as well as the rate of cancer.   It is common practice to head out the grocery store and buy food( whatever is available at the time ) not knowing how far has the food traveled to get there and how it was grown. Was it grown in a pesticide free environment ? Is it nutritious enough to feed our brain and bodily functions ?  Is it cruelty free ? Do you ever ask those questions when choosing what you purchase at the grocery store?
Next time you go grocery shopping ask yourself these questions:

– Is this choice going to nourish my body or not ?

– Is this product conducive to a healthy life or is it conducive to a life filled with chronic illness ?

Whatever the answer is, now we have the choice to keep it or not because we are conscious as to what we are buying.
Being conscious and aware while we are grocery shopping is as essential as being alert during any other important activity and why is that? Because if we are not aware we will end up with a cart filled with food that offers no nutritional value, yet it may look great in the display.
Like with any other store the main purpose of a grocery store is to sell and make a profit.  Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors in the labels and the fancy packaging, learn how to read labels and find out where the products and food we are purchasing comes from.  Be responsible with your own life and take your nutrition decision back.

And while not having to hunt and gather our food as our ancestors did is wonderful we need to keep in mind  not everything that is being sold at the grocery stores is going to provide us with adequate nutrition.

We have stores filled with every imaginable food and snack, make sure not to be  hungry when going grocery shopping and make sure to bring a list as to what you need. Also give yourself a budget, go shopping with a plan, This way your chances of impulsive buys are minimum versus going without a list and a game plan.

I will highly recommend farmer markets and ethnic markets rather than a chain grocery store. Farmers markets offer loads of freshly made baked goods and food without additives which are better to our overall health. Also because they are usually privately own it helps the small business owner and chances are the products are produced locally hence yielding a positive effect on the local economy overall.
Our money and how we spend it sends a signal to the food producers, if we buy more organic and non GMO products the food producers and farms have no choice but no produce more of what we demand.
Perhaps it is time to take back our responsibility to provide good nutrition to our families, Teach the children at home the importance of a good nutrition and how to spend their money wisely when going grocery shopping.
Also we strongly suggest to grow some herbs on a pot and keep them handy to cook or while making drinks and sauces.
Here at Sandra Cline Living we know how important is to have a plan, a budget and how to read labels while grocery shopping.  To learn more about how you too can be a savvy shopper don’t hesitate and book a consultation via email

I hope you enjoy this blog and as usual thanks for your support. If there is a topic you may be interested don’t hesitate to leave a comment or make a suggestion.
Until next time much love,

Sandra Fuentes
Sandra Fuentes

Sandra is Graduated from Le Cordon bleu, French culinary school in Miami, USA. Certified in Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda cooking from the Chakrapani Ayurveda institute, Jaipur, India. Studied Thai cuisine in Chaing Mae, Thailand at the Thai Orchid Institute and has a Motivational Speaker and Life Coaching Diploma on Neuro-linguistic Programing from Global NLP training, in Miami, FL. Also a licensed Thai massage therapist while staying in Chaing Mae Thailand.

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