Maslow’s Pyramid – easy steps to achieve balanced health, financial success and happy relationships.

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Nowadays we see everywhere in social media different tools as to how to achieve financial success, or how to overcome depression or anxiety or how to eat healthy. yet we can’t find one single plan that will include all the necessary things that can help an individual to become successful in every aspect of their life.
I’ve always loved to use as an example the Maslow Pyramid; The first time I heard about this pyramid I was in college an I fell in love with it’s the concept.
I have proven it over and over again to be the fastest way to achieve anything in life.  It is a very simple approach if we follow each step from the bottom of the pyramid going up.
The most important step is the first one, as we see, is the base of the whole pyramid: Our physiological functions, without good health and homeostasis we can not be complete, even if everything else is going great. Because how can we feel happy if our physiological body, our vehicle, is not working correctly?
And this step includes our mental health, which is in my experience the single most important part of all our being, to be emotionally stable is a gift from the gods or the universe however you choose to see it.
When we suffer from mental issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, insomnia to mention a few, it’s difficult to have good health.
Everything starts in our mind, our brain has the power to make us or break us, I had to learn this the hard way.
Now that I’m aware, it’s my duty to share this with others, because how can we be truly successful if we are constantly anxious, crying or angry ?
And so, before you embark in any kind of trip to success check your state of mind. Eating a Plant based diet can help you deal with any physiological and emotional imbalance because a plant based diet is filled with minerals, enzymes, vitamins, essential amino acids which are the fuel to every function in our body and mind. Also make sure the food you are eating contains the necessary nutrients for the optimal functioning of all our chemical process which keeps us alive and healthy.
Next up is safety, having a place to live, a way to earn money which represents financial stability; The people around us, those who are closest to us, they are one of the most important part of this step in my opinion. Why you may ask? because the person standing next to us can lift us up or bring us down. The people in our inner circle can be cheerleaders or not. In my experience I’ve noticed that if the people that surround us are not right for us it is better to be alone, that way we only have to deal with our own negative self.  The second based of the pyramid again is the second largest, so be careful who you share space with.
The third step love and belonging.  oh to be loved and  to feel supported, one of my childhood dreams. You see, some of us have abandonment issues and in my opinion those are the hardest issues to heal.  How can we ever feel protected and loved if all we can ever feel is abandonment?
Work hard on this part of your lives, forgive those who hurt you and left you behind. Keep distance from those who make you feel unloved, unwanted and abandoned. It is important that when we recognized a pattern we find a way to break it. Staying inside that circle of pain becomes self destructive and it keeps you rooted in misery.  Find a way to heal the past and those terrible abandonment issues. Is the only way that we can be able to truly succeed and find a partner to love and be loved.
Starts with us.
Next up is our esteem, once we have been able to forgive others and ourselves for all our shortcomings and all the pain caused because the lack of communication and misunderstanding we can then focus on loving ourselves.  I am not saying that we can completely forget our pain and sorrow, what I’m saying is that we can let it go.
By doing so, we will be showing ourselves respect and perhaps earn the respect of others.  Feeling respected is important to us as human beings, no matter how many classes say that we shouldn’t care about others opinions, inside our core we all yearn to feel respected.
Practicing a vegan diet teaches us how to respect animal lives, as they too have a right to live and be respected.
Self-actualization, what a wonderful way to top the pyramid with our morality,  at an all time high and explosive creativity.  By the time we reach this tip our problem solving skills should be sharp and our lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts will help us propel towards our destiny.
In order to get here and feel completely fulfilled, all others steps should have a solid foundation, take time to work on each of them one at the time. Take your time, stop and smell the flowers, look around,  this is not a race is simply a journey.
This is a map, a simple way to achieve success, if we are not healthy in mind and body we can’t move on to the next step because if we do happen to achieve financial success or a happy relationship we won’t be able to enjoy it because we are sick.
There are some lucky people that manage to keep all of this steps in balance, but for others it is very difficult as they come from disrupted families, suffer from chronic diseases and are unable to love or be loved because they were never taught how to do so.
We can help you achieve your balance and climb to the top of your personal Maslow’s pyramid.
Working together in all aspects of life, health, mindfulness, financial success and loving relationships starts with us as individuals, we first need to work on ourselves.
The path is here for you to walk on, we can be there for you if you fall.

For more information email us at and we will be happy to develop a personalized plan that will best suit your personal needs.
I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did.
Please leave a comment, share with others and thanks a million for your constant support.
As always sending you great vibes and much love
Sandra Fuentes
Sandra Fuentes

Sandra is Graduated from Le Cordon bleu, French culinary school in Miami, USA. Certified in Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda cooking from the Chakrapani Ayurveda institute, Jaipur, India. Studied Thai cuisine in Chaing Mae, Thailand at the Thai Orchid Institute and has a Motivational Speaker and Life Coaching Diploma on Neuro-linguistic Programing from Global NLP training, in Miami, FL. Also a licensed Thai massage therapist while staying in Chaing Mae Thailand.

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