The relationship between our mobility, our thoughts and the diet we follow.

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Have you notice any stiffness in your body lately ? Are you able to touch your feet without flexing your knees ? do you have a stiff neck or perhaps your legs or arms can’t move past a certain point?  This is all part of our range of motion.

And what is that range of motion ?
Range of motion:  is the linear or angular distance that a moving object may normally travel while properly attached to another. (Wikipedia)

Range of motion has to do with our joint movement and the ability of being flexible; as we age our bodies tend to get stiff and difficult to manipulate. This stiffness, in my experience, is due to a few things:
First, our inability to let go of things at an emotional level and the diet we follow.
Also our stretching time, are we dedicating any time to stretch? to unwind? to de stress and let go of those things we cannot change yet we seek to control?  Most of the people I know that suffer from stiff necks and joints is due to a combination of this 3 important things to practice:

1. Learning to let go, stop wanting to control and repress emotions, instead release them.
2. A light nutritionist diet that can keep the joints and muscles well lubricated, which is essential for our wellbeing. Making sure we eat enough micronutrients to support our joint health.
3. Schedule time to stretch every day for at least 20 minutes, try to get regular massages and ask your therapist to give you a good stretch.

Next time we are having a hard time reaching any part of our body without ease ask yourself, what feeling are we hanging on to that is making us stiff and inflexible.  There is an old saying that suggests for us to be like bamboo trees, as they are flexible and can withstand the worst of the storms as their trunk bends with the wind. Being like and oak, strong yet inflexible, is not a worthy opponent to a strong storm.

We can learn lessons buy studying nature and learn to coexist by living a sustainable life. And how do we do that? Making some small shifts, being more flexible with our food choices, keeping an open mind as to how we dispose waste and the time we dedicate to the wellbeing of our bodies.

Here in Sandra Cline Living we are here for you to help you loosen up. Contact us at book an appointment, and we would create a nutritional program that includes the necessary nutrients to keep the body flexible along with a stretching routine and some exercises to help the mind release those negatives thoughts that are contributing to your body stiffness.

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Until next time much love,
Sandra Fuentes
Sandra Fuentes

Sandra is Graduated from Le Cordon bleu, French culinary school in Miami, USA. Certified in Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda cooking from the Chakrapani Ayurveda institute, Jaipur, India. Studied Thai cuisine in Chaing Mae, Thailand at the Thai Orchid Institute and has a Motivational Speaker and Life Coaching Diploma on Neuro-linguistic Programing from Global NLP training, in Miami, FL. Also a licensed Thai massage therapist while staying in Chaing Mae Thailand.

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