Book of The Week : ”Design Your Life” By Rachel Roy

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Rachel Roy, the daughter of a Dutch computer programmer and an Indian immigrant father, grew up in Seaside, California. As a designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and working mother, Rachel Roy has a unique perspective on fashion, and believes it largely defines who we are and who we want to be. Growing up in a low-income neighbourhood, she envisioned the life she lives today. As the head of her own fashion business, she’s a successful, hard-working entrepreneur who believes that through style we can help design the life we want to live. Her new book, entitled Design Your Life , takes fashion one step further—from looking great to becoming great, from the inside out. It features sketches, quotes from icons like Maya Angelou, and informative and inspiring advice with chapters like “Letting Your Dreams Lead In Fashion and In Life”.
Rachel Roy’s new book Design Your Life is definitely a must-read!



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