Mini Musthaves for Preggo’s And Newborns

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In honor of Naomi, daughter of Monica chief editor of By Styling blog – I will blog about the top 10 of serious must-haves for new moms and newborns.

So how do I know? – Well, as you might have noticed there was no new blog entry from me in a while because I was pregnant, and now my baby just turned 1 – I’m back!

I went through all the latest gadgets, so called must-haves and more.

And this post is a compilation of that.

Preggo’s enjoy- it’s a valuable list!

#1. SnuzPod: Co-sleeping was meant to be like this!

It’s beautiful and versatile, the SnuzPod. Your baby will sleep like a prince or princess in this crib. It’s all natural fabrics, matched with an organic mattress that will have your baby sound and SAFE asleep in no time.

SnüzPod features a secure zip-down, breathable mesh wall that allows you to easily comfort and feed your baby during the night, which can be simply zipped back up allowing you to sleep safely next to your baby. The innovative lift-off bassinet forms a moses basket you can use around the home, ideal for daytime naps. And when your little one is ready, SnüzPod can become a standalone rocking crib to help with the transition into their nursery.

Easy to set up, so when baby is going to spend the night or afternoon at the granny’s he or she will be sleeping in it’s own SNUZPOD

#2. DOONA:

It’s a a car seat, it’s a stroller, oh no it’s …………….the DOONA.

If you own a car, and you travel quite a bit- then this can’t miss. Stroller and car seat in one. Traveling with your baby has never been easier. Oh and did I mention you can take this when traveling on an airplane? No need to leave it before boarding. Just stow it in the hand luggage compartment. You can buy a backpack for it and just bring that on board. Fantastic!

The only downside is that it only lasts 13 months………HELLOOOO we need a Doona part 2 please!


Take a course mom and dad to be! Believe me, it helps make sense of the baby talk, and you’ll have one happy baby when being able you understand your child.

You’ll know exactly when baby needs a feeding, diaper change or a nap.

Happy baby-happier YOU

#4. SwaddleMe:

The award-winning SwaddleMe blankets help keep babies sleeping safely on their backs while replacing loose bedding in the crib.  Swaddling also recreates the snugness of the womb, so babies startle less and stay asleep longer. And with the swaddle me blankets forget the hassle. It comes with velcro straps. Just lay it down, put your baby inside, strap and done. Baby is swaddled and a happy sleeper. Helps when baby has cramps as well

#5. Ewan the dream sheep :

The clever thing about soft cuddly Ewan is that he combines a range of 4 soothing sounds, including real womb and heart beat sounds, together with a calming pink glow to create a soothing environment that will quickly settle your little angel into a long and peaceful sleep….. Which of course means a great sleep for all the family too! -yes of we go to lala land!

#6. Dr. Brown’s : Newborn babies often suffer from cramps. And it tears a mothers heart out when you see your little one all stiff and screaming in pain. There are a lot of factors why babies cramp. Their intestines need to adjust to foods passing through. When you’re not (fully) breastfeeding you have to make bottles and with those bottles a lot of time air pases while drinking resulting in more cramps. Dr. Brown’s bottles have a special ventilator that prevents air bubbles , resulting in less cramps. Very important Dr Brown products are BPA free, making it safe for your bundle of joy.

#7. Mamaroo: Having a newborn is very time consuming. This gadget, as I like to call it , gives you a free hand. It features five motions and five speeds to soothe baby. When your little one is awake, the overhead toy mobile with removable toy balls offers a fun way to spend his or her time in the seat, and the adjustable seat recline allows you to find the best sitting position for the activity. Play one of the built-in noises or plug in an MP3 device to calm your child with sound and music.

#8. Shantala : Don’t bother buying fancy pantsy bath tubs for your baby! We did and we ended up buying this one as well. It’s cheap and babies love it. Again it’s about womb copying and this does that. Some luke warm water and baby is going to relax and maybe even give you a smile. Aaaww!

#9. BUMBO: Whenever your baby is ready to sit up, but needs some help. Get a Bumbo. It squeezes the baby into a sitting position and with a table stand you can sit baby on the table while having dinner or just to let him or her play a while. However do not overdo the time as it may be harmful for the back. Especially if your little one is not able to sit up properly yet.

#10. SmarTrike : Hello World!

When baby is 10 months old this is going to be the best thing in his or her life!

The 5 Trikes in 1 is a revolutionary new model by SmarTrike that transforms in 5 different development stages that grow with your child from 10-36 months. From an early age, little ones can experience outdoor riding while exploring and engaging with their surroundings.

The unique Explorer features the all-new 360° advanced wheel to ensure smooth and intuitive maneuvering and padded reclining seat for supported and comfortable resting for a baby nap on the go.

Enjoy your pregnancy or your new born, hopefully you’ve come across useful tips!

And now……………. I will write about the latest in beauty again! Keep an eye on the blog, because soon there will be a new post on something exciting.

XX Cheyenne

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