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At 94, Iris Apfel proves that age is nothing but a number and that style is timeless. The New York City-based fashion icon first gained prominence in the 1950s when she set up a textile company and later on, in the capacity of interior decorator, she made a name for herself with a portfolio of prestigious assignments, including the White House. It was during this time that she started to collect exotic garments from around the world and wear them to parties in Manhattan, demonstrating a unique and unusual sense of style. Ever since, Apfel has become known for her exuberant, daring fashion statements that defy trends and ooze personality. And so much so, she has now garnered a fan base that’s spread wide and far. Le Bon Marché, the iconic luxury department store in Paris, has invited Apfel to exhibit her style in the French capital. Centered around ten display trunks, ten different outfits, stories and screenings are put on display, each with a unique signature. Also, a related, but separate exhibition of sketches of Apfel’s silhouettes, created by illustrator Eric Giriat, will be showed to the public (open through April 16). And making the event a commemorative one, Le Bon Marché has collaborated with Apfel on a concise capsule collection. The range of goods includes a bag, a silk scarf, a bowtie inspired by Apfel’s late husband Carl, notebooks, and not surprisingly, big statement sunglasses.
A must-see when you are in Paris!

Iris in Paris is from 27 Féb -April 16 at le Bon Marché , 24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris.







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