It’s time to get Scrub , with the new The Rub Scrub

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RUB The Coffee Scrub is a 100% organic bodycare product made from the coffee grounds that are left over from the coffee you drink.
The 100% organic body coffee scrub that targets cellulite and stretch marks. It also hydrates, exfoliates and washes away dirt and dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing and revitalized. Give your skin the radiant boost it needs with this invigorating coffee body scrub, and get ready for the summer!

RUB Coconuts simple, coconuts, Scrub : Coconut oil is not only good for skin conditions like acne, psoraisis and eczema, but will take you to the beach.

RUB hammam simple, hammam, Scrub : This aromatic scrub awakens the senses with ground dark-roasted coffee beans.

RUB Original simple, original, Scrub : Trouble waking up? with the rub original  you will even be calling yourself a morning person.


How often should you scrub?
Rub Scrub can be used daily with gentle scrubbing, although a minimum of 2 scrubs a week will still have great results! Use for 15 minutes with circular rubbing motions to allow the sugars, oils and caffeine to have best effects on your skin.

How to use
Follow this 3 simple steps below for the best results.

. Jump in the shower and wet your entire body. Turn the shower off and grab your coffee scrub.
.Open the Bag and smell the beautiful aroma. Take out a small handful of the coffee scrub.
Spread down your arm and across your whole body. Now scrub in a circular motion,by massaging this trifecta onto any problem area, you’ll stimulate blood flow resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

.Wash off from top to toe.

Your skin should feel silky, softer and smoother than ever.



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