Dorhout Mees A/W 2016 Stages

– This moment contains all moments. ” C.S. Lewis ”

Designer Esther Dorhout Mees became fascinated by places in which red velvet curtains give access to a wide variety of performances with beautiful costumes and impressive decors, becamoming spaces of silence and oblivion. Dorhout Mees chose to do things differently than just a regular show where models just walk straightforward. She took us to her own theater ” Stages ” (the name of her ninth collection) comes from theaters in decay. This magical ‘theater’ was decorated with hundreds of light bulbs while an a orchestra played in the background.
In the collection we see elements of its heyday, as well as the period after.
Theater fabrics fall asymmetrically along the body and rounded forms of endless velvet chairs are reflected in the silhouette. Deconstructed silk and velvet-covered seat buttons are incorporated in handcrafted materials. The combination of the splendour of a grand theater where once performances in beautiful costumes and decors where created in contrast with the decline and melancholic oblivion of these particular theaters totally fascinates me’, says Esther Dorhout Mees.

Deau for byStylingAmsterdam.
Photographed by Peter Stigter

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