Club Brillant presents; Denim, Sneakers and Shades

This is what happens when you put three fashion essential together you get the perfect mix for the upcoming summer.As we all know we can mix and match denim, sneakers and shades in different styles that is why this show had five themes.
Indigo • Innovation • Blanc • Vintage • Design

This summer there will be a lot of white denim combined with fragile round sunglasses but also over the top big sunglasses like the one Beyoncé wears by Cazal and Dita in her latest video clip was seen on the catwalk.

Just like denim and eyewear there is a lot we can do with the right pair of sneakers that will make every outfit unique and stylish.

Denim, Sneakers & Shades you can mix and match the summer away three must have that you will need in your wardrobe.

A few denim brands at the catwalk
G-Star • Avelon • Denham • Good genes
Sneaker game by
Filling Pieces • Clarks • Converse
Shades by
Cazal eyewear • Dita eyewear • Sama eyewear
Thumbs up for Club Brillant stylist Clyde Semmoh

Deau for Bystylingamsterdam

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