Breakfast With Vanessa DaTorre Co -Founder Of Bouret and Fashion illustrator

The first thing I do in the morning is……..set the alarm to go off five minutes later

I cannot have breakfast without………… cereals and yogurt indispensable

My perfect breakfast consists of……… the seaside in good company and above all unhurried

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…………anyone who begins the day with positivity and a smile

Meet Vanessa DaTorre Co -Founder of Bouret and Fashion Illustrator
I found her via Facebook 2 years ago and fell in love instantly with her work. She agreed to answer a few questions for our readers.

Hi Vanesa,please tell us where you originally from?I’m from la Coruna, a beautiful city in northern Spain

How did you become a fashion illustrator?
I am a fashion designer and illustration is part of the work process. My friends encouraged me to publish them on the blog back in 2008 and so I started

What drew you to illustration in the first place?
I suppose a fashion sketch.

What exactly do you do on a daily basis?
I go walking with my dog ​​to work. there I see the mail I get daily social media and look what the planning. talking with customers, suppliers, desing the New collections or do some illustration. Everyday is a adventure

Who are your favorite models ? fashion designers ? artists and photographers ?
Kate Moss, Marina Pérez. Models
Balenciaga ,Hussein Chalayan and McQueen for their creative mind
Armani and Coco Chane for their business mind
Bourdin, Modigliani, Eugenio Recuenco, John Singer Sargent, Ferrán Adriá. I must say I’m influenced by many disciplines and artist That I admire

What’s your illustration project you’re the most proud of ?
I have not yet done. I am very demanding with myself

When it comes to your work, would you say you’re more inspired by fashion or by art and artists in general?
I like to influence me by many disciplines. love art in general.

What are you working on right now?
I’m developing a New collections with Boüret and a workshop with the Spanish architect Feduchi.

How do you escape from the world of style?
Never. I can’t escape. My mind is always focused on fashion.

Your dreams for the next 5 years?
I do not like to make plans that far ahead. but bouret expand and make a exhibition is what I have now in my head

Any inspiring words for aspiring fashion illustrators in Holland and around the world?
be happy with what you do and especially enjoy.

If you want to see more of her work check out the websites below.


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