Mistakes and misassumptions on getting plastic surgery (abroad) and our company Calibelleza

We always try to inform our (future) clients well on the procedures they want to get done and have added a lot of information on our website. Still people assume a lot of things when it comes to plastic surgery and traveling.

Here are the 10 most common and frequently made misassumptions:

1. Let’s get plastic surgery and fly home in 4 days!

 – It’s the number one mistake people make. Not thinking about the post-op period or recovery time.

Depending on the procedure, the plastic surgeon will give you a minimum of time you have to stay in order to catch a plane back home safely.

This is not to irritate you, this is to simply protect you! Most airlines decline recently operated passengers on long haul flights for their own safety as the pressure in the cabin could have great consequences for your health.

 2.Get me a room with a beach view,please!

 – First of all, there are no beaches in Cali. Second you definitly don’t want a beach…… because you can not be exposed to the sun, beach, swimming (pool or sea) ,sauna or jacuzzi for about 3 months.Now if we are talking about just a „”nose job” you could wear a big hat to protect your face and lay down by the pool but that’s basically it.

 3.I want to come have surgery and then enjoy some holiday sightseeing and traveling in Colombia or other country

 – Believe me you don’t. You are in pain,agony and discomfort for some time after you have surgery, and you’ll only want to see your bed. Maybe if you feel somewhat better you’d take a trip to the mall and thats it.

However if you want to go sightseeing and traveling  then please do the traveling and sightseeing first and then have surgery.

 4.I have read your website and i’m booked for surgery somewhere else but do you know if 500 cc is enough??

 – We love informing people before surgery as it helps a great deal on the post-operative time and recovery however you have to ask YOUR surgeon information on your procedure  as he/she is the one performing surgery on you- NOT US.

 5.I have had surgery somewhere else, i’ve got send home but I really need some advice.

 –We’d love to help you, but the outcome is something to be discussed between you and your plastic surgeon. We can not give you advice on somebody else’s work as it may be contradictive to what your plastic surgeon suggests.

6.Ok so i want to book my trip for tomorrow!
-Excellent you have made a decision! However we do need at least 1 week in advance to check availability of the plastic surgeon, staff and recovery apartment and to arrange everything for your beauty trip.

 7. I have insurance, I don’t need yours.
-Since about a year ago, Colombian government made it obligatory for clinics to ad insurance to each and every surgery performed. It is actually a good thing since if there would be a complication, you would be insured for a certain  amount to get emergency treatment. However the policy goes in effect from the moment you get admitted into the clinic till the moment of discharge.

 8.Send me some pictures!
-When sending pictures, we always need the patients consent to do so. Since it’s illegal to post,send or use other peoples pictures without their consent we can’t and don’t send extra picture’s.

You are welcome to see pictures in person at the plastic surgeons office and of course see the pictures we do have online.
Just remember it’s not because we don’t want to please you, but we treat everybody’s information with care, responsibility,  and respect.We would never violate your privacy nor the privacy of our clients.

 9.Hey I don’t want to get through the hassle of a virtual consult, just send me a quote!
-In Colombia you pay by the amount of work performed on you. It’s a shame we don’t have x-ray eyes to see you through the screen and to send you your quote at once! But we have a great alternative: virtual consults. You can start a virtual consult from the convenience of your home. No need to get to an office anywhere and virtual consults are free and without obligations!! More information on virtual consults on our website under the link : F.A.Q. and with a link in our footer on each and every page! Have a look as you might find some answers.

10.I want to come and take my family/husband/wife/kids with me.
-We allow fellow family members or friends to come along with you. But it won’t be much of a vacation for them since you are recently operated and recuperating. While you are in discomfort your family/kids/mom/dad/husband or wife doesn’t understand you, leading into arguments and even fights. This is not favorable for your recuperation or the well being of other clients in the recovery apartment. Honestly your partner can’t do anything for you and is going to be bored. If you really insist on bringing your family, we do have the option of renting out the whole apartment for your and your loved ones convenience.

If you have any further questions about our agency and services, please visit us at www.calibelleza.com or email us at info@calibelleza.com


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