Walking Artwork: It’s All In The Shoe

It recently occurred to me while in town having a browse at some shoes (I absolutely loooove shoes!) that they are an amazing form of art! If you take a look at designer collections they come in all sorts of colours, styles and forms that really reflect art. Many of the designers not only create clothing and shoes but, have ventured into designing throw pillows, fabrics for wallpaper and such. Thus, when one has a look at shoes you can definitely see the relationship of shoes as “walking artwork”. Kenzo has an amazing “graffiti look” for a sports shoes, Prada has been using a mutation of colour for a dress shoe which has the sole of a sports shoe. Those same patterns of colour and style can be seen in art, the colours we choose for paint, bedding for sheets, pillows etc. So the next time you are out and about, have a look at your favourite shoe store or retail store. You will be amazed at the kind of “walking art” available. And if you are a true shoe lover, that pair of walking art will be purchased in minutes!

Aerial De Neau-Karlas
Aerial De Neau-Karlas

“Coming from San Francisco, I moved to Amsterdam as part of following my passion to experience life in another country. Amsterdam had an appeal that I absolutely loved. That same passion lead me into interior styling. Being able to create a look for a space is the best feeling. It is a challenge at times finding exactly what works and what doesn’t, but that is all part of the journey. Being able to bring to reality a look that is special and unique is the creative process in motion. It’s what I love doing.”

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