Space is Key

One suitcase is simply not enough when you’re packing your car for a holiday. To be completely summer holiday proof you would at least need a couple of suitcases for bikini’s, all types of shoes (wedges, high heels, flats, slip ons and slippers) not to mention your complete dresses wardrobe. Don’t forget your childeren! If you’re going on vacation and doing a long distance ten hour, you don’t want your backseat to be too narrow. Imagine your kids fighting because they’re in each others private zone. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Besides, you need some extra luggage room for them too (Liters of sunscreen! Diapers! Games! Clothes!).

Considering the above mentioned, it is most likely that you’ll probably end up fighting your boyfriend / husband before you even left for your holiday. Making concessions what not to take with you and pack your luggage all over again. You catch yourself thinking about a newer, bigger car. But which one to choose? We all saw them: commercials about cars and their endless room for family and stuff. Well, there is a new car in town which beats them all. It is the Fiat 500L but better and bigger with room for your entire family and all the stuff you want (need!) to bring on your holiday. Goodbye tiny luggage space, hello Fiat!

The Fiat 500L comes with the perfect solution for your holiday stress. Literally, you will be amazed by what you can do with the space in this car. To proof to you how this car stands out from the crowd, they made the coolest site which you will find here. Do you think a pole dancer will fit in this car for instance? In a very funny way, Fiat shows you its luggage space. Be challenged and surprised and check their campaign!


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