5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Starting Today

We have all these complicated diet plans and expensive personal trainers that help us losing weight and get fit. Luckily there are also simple strategies that cost no money and stimulate your progress transforming to your killer body. It’s time to reveal 5 simple ways to lose weight starting today!

1 Read before you eat

Food brands want to make money and you want to stay healthy. At least 80% of the food brands don’t care about your health. They pretend they do with flashy commercials saying they are using 20% less sugar now. But still sugar is as bad as cocaine is for your health.

Reading food labels closely will save you from putting garbage into your body. You will save money (less visits to the doctor and drugstore), boost your energy, have a healthier skin, and so on…..

Start reading food labels if you want to avoid confused hormones, more body fat, higher blood pressure, If one of the three ingredients below is on the label please keep it away from your mouth for the rest of your life:

1 Trans fat
2 Simple sugars
3 Saturated fat

2 Drink, think and decide

A lot of times when you think you’re feeling hungry, it’s actually your body craving for water. Unfortunately a lot of us don’t drink enough water. So before you start putting food in your mouth drink 2 glasses of water. Wait for 15 minutes. Than think and decide if you are still hungry and really have to eat something. Lock this pattern into your healthy behaviors and always choose for water instead of a megacalorie starbucks frappucino.

3 Blame it on the Alcohol

Have you ever heard of a alcohol diet? Nah, right? If you want to lose weight say bye bye to alcohol. Alcohol contains almost twice as much calories as carbohydrates. Even one alcoholic drink a day isn’t a good idea if you want results fast. For example: a Cosmopolitan (cocktail drink) contains 200 calories. Let’s say you’re a woman that weighs 143 pounds. Burning these 200 calories will cost you 30 minutes extra work on the cross trainer. Another disadvantage from drinking is that a lot of times you end up feeling hungry and craving for salty or sweet food.

4 Choose the right carbs

To ensure that your blood sugar level stays stabile it’s time to choose the right carbs. Stay out of the way of simple carbs and processed snacks. Instead nourish your body with complex carbs such as oats and vegetables. They supply more and longer energy during the day.

5 Boost your Metabolism with mini workouts

Simple and free online mini workouts are a clever way to boost your metabolism somewhere during the day. They take only 15 minutes and increase rapid fat loss. You can do them everywhere without using any equipment. These high intensity fat loss circuits will speed up your transformation to your killer body. Click HERE  so you always have a metabolism booster workout in your pocket 🙂



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