It’s natural, healthy and safe. It’s Spray Tanning.

Meet Marjolein De Boer from Beau-Tan Spray Tanning & Beauty
As an allround make-up and hair artist Marjolein learned the importance of taking care of her skin and protecting it from the sun. Knowing that careless sunbathing is hazardous and a pale isn’t exactly glamorous, she was over the moon when tanning products became available. ‘I wanted the best products and best techniques for myself. Now I’ve also made it available it for my clients’, she says.
Marjolein specifically trained to be a spray tan artist and is currently employed at one of the top spray tan companies in the Netherlands. She adds a healthy and natural glow to her male and female clientele’s appearance. Marjolein’s (mobile) spray tan studio Beau-tan  is a dream coming true.
What is spray tanning?
It’s no secret anymore: the easiest way to obtain a healthy look is by way of a tan. The perfect glow is fully customizable so an awkward carrot-like appearance can easily be avoided. No matter what tan shade you choose, it always looks natural.
There’s no denying that the sun and tanning beds are harmful because of UV radiation that cause wrinkles, spots and even skin cancer. The safest way to keep your skin looking bronzed is by spray tan. A spray tan artist sprays the tanning solution onto your body with an airbrush. Within 10 minutes you’ve a got a perfect glow and you’re good to go. Mind you, a professional spray tan lasts 7 to 10 days.
How does it work?
The tanning solution’s main ingredient is dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. DHA is derived from sugar beets or sugar cane. For more than 50 years it has been used to treat skin pigmentation disorders. Your skin naturally reacts to DHA  and changes to a tan colour. It stays on the outermost layer of your skin and fades naturally when dead surface skin cells are organically renewed.
How can spray tanning help you?
Preparing for a wedding, fitness competition or vacation? Spray tanning will help you look great in all the snap shots, and obviously in real life. The results of spray tanning are quicker and safer comparing to tanning beds. Within 10 minutes you look as if you have spent a few days on a sun-drenched island. The natural glow instantly makes you look healthier and you will be only a little step away of other people giving compliments on how you look.
If you reside in the Greater Amterdam area, drop by spray tan artist Marjolein for a healthy glow:
cell phone: (06) 41234189


A dream come true for busy women everywhere, Beau-Tan Spray Tanning & Beauty intends to make beauty and style accessible to every woman out there, and founder Marjolein de Boer does just that. By Marjolein’s (mobile) spray tan studio coming to your home.

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