6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Stimulate Rapid Fat Loss

Do you have a friend, colleague or maybe a family member who eats twice as much as you when you go to the restaurant but he/she never gains a pound? You count calories every single day but you still haven’t lost a pound? Are you wondering if you are cursed with a slow metabolism ?

Stop wondering and take action to boost your metabolism to a next level. Let me explain 6 ways to boost your metabolism and stimulate rapid fat loss.

When you reach the age of 25 your metabolism starts declining between 5% and 10% per decade. Pretty scary huh? Nope! I have 6 ways that can boost your metabolism up to a point where it maybe hasn’t been for last 6 years. Let’s take control and start right now!

1 Do you already hit the gym? Great! Now the only thing you have to do is adding more strength-training. More muscles instantly makes your body burning more calories.

2 Maximize your afterburn  by integrating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The more intense the exercise, the greater the afterburn effect. Here’s a simple example: sprint 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds. Repeat this ten times. The amount of calories burned after your workout will be much higher compared to jogging for 30 minutes.

3 Eat often, let’s say 4-6 times a day. Everytime you eat a small meal you stimulate your metabolism. If you don’t eat regularly your body will faster store fat because it thinks it’s going to starve.

4 Drink more green tea. If it’s summer go for some homemade ice tea. Really refreshing with lemon and ginger, but no sugar please.

5 Wake up your metabolism. When you get out of bed immediately eat your breakfast. Get your engine going all day long.

6 Get your omega-3’s. Studies found that omega 3 fatty acids have the power to boost your metabolism. Try to choose capsules with at least 300 milligrams of EPA and DHA for the best metabolism boosting benefits.

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