A for Art

Seeing Art in Everything

Have you ever looked at a very simple thing and immediately thought “that would make a great art piece”. I see art in almost everything. It can be perceived in food, fashion, nature and people! What makes art is not just the beautiful pictures and paintings seen in galleries. It is everywhere if you just take a moment to stop and really take it all in. Some of the best art I have come across is quite random. I can be walking along a street and suddenly stop – before me is a bakery filled with the most beautiful coloured baked goods. A woman walking her dog and the combination of what she is wearing in contrast to the actual dog. A street statue placed in the centre of a sidewalk. The fluid lines of an automobile can be amazing. There is so much around to see and perceive in the form of art. Our daily lives are constantly surrounded by it. The problem is we often do not stop to think about the beauty we experience in the moment.

So I would like to offer this suggestion, the next time you are out and about just stop for a moment. Look around you and take in the picture that is right in front of you. What you see could really be amazing.

Aerial De Neau-Karlas
Aerial De Neau-Karlas

“Coming from San Francisco, I moved to Amsterdam as part of following my passion to experience life in another country. Amsterdam had an appeal that I absolutely loved. That same passion lead me into interior styling. Being able to create a look for a space is the best feeling. It is a challenge at times finding exactly what works and what doesn’t, but that is all part of the journey. Being able to bring to reality a look that is special and unique is the creative process in motion. It’s what I love doing.”

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