Kaveh Golestan – the Citadel

Kaveh Golestan (1950 – 2003) was an inportant Iranian documentary photographer and an absolute pioneer in street photography. In Europe we haven’t seen much of him yet, but his photos were influential to several generations of Iranian artists.  The Citadel shows 45 pictures from the series ‘Prostitution’. These pictures were made between 1975 and 1977. The women shown in the photographs were working in the Citadel of Shahr-e, the red light district of Teheran. For the first time since 1978, the photographs will be exhibited in the museum of photography in Amsterdam: FOAM.

The Citadel

Shahr-e No (‘New City’) was an old disctrict in Teheran, which people entered through a gateway (the district had walls around it). Only women lived in the district and only men were allowed to visit the Citadel. Kaveh Golestan’s work is a very important photographic document of this city district. For two years Kaveh knew how to establish a friendship with the female citizens of Shahr-e No. His portraits show his intimate yet human perspective on the life of these women.

This exhibition will be shown in FOAM until the 4th of May.

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