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IMG_1644Recently my sister-in-law moved into a new house. With any move comes some amount of stress. Once everything has been sorted and you have the keys, you can start the process of deciding what and how you want your new space to look like and feel. As my sister-in-law has very good taste, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her little girl’s room (and for the rest of the house as well). Her idea was brilliant! Her daughter loves the colour pink. So with that in mind she had the room painted white with one wall papered in rose and white diamond pattern. On one wall over the bed she did a decal design in black with a tree and two children on swings. She put such time and effort into making the room very special for her little 5 year old and the results were fantastic! Anything you do with love is always quite special and has great meaning indeed. And this room is just that.


I am always looking for new and interesting pieces to use in styling projects. I happened upon a quite unique design piece for flowers. The vase was built within the table! Absolutely amazing! Have a look at the picture to get the full effect. It just goes to show you that within this world of ours are amazing things to see and appreciate. There are some extremely talented people that provide us with great little finds that give just the right touch with a wow factor.

District-A, Interior Styling

Aerial De Neau-Karlas
Aerial De Neau-Karlas

“Coming from San Francisco, I moved to Amsterdam as part of following my passion to experience life in another country. Amsterdam had an appeal that I absolutely loved. That same passion lead me into interior styling. Being able to create a look for a space is the best feeling. It is a challenge at times finding exactly what works and what doesn’t, but that is all part of the journey. Being able to bring to reality a look that is special and unique is the creative process in motion. It’s what I love doing.”

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  1. Hi Aerial, I love the write-ups and the pink color in your sister-in-laws daughters room.
    Your articles are such a joy to read: filled with inspiration, motivation and true innovation. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing!

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