Euro Mesotherapy

Survived December? Already started with your new years resolutions of eating less and working out? For those fairly good in shape but still battling the last pounds, or even better- locally stored foods from last Christmas we have got something good for you! One of the most popular methods of weight loss in Colombia is mesotherapy, which is typically done at a medical spa.

Euro mesotherapy is specially made for people with local fat deposits. In cooperation with an ultrasound treatment it melts away fat cells, making you look slimmer. So get ready for spring!
Treatment is as followed:

Day 1: EURO mesotherapy treatment followed by ultrasound treatment.
Day 4: An ultrasound treatment followed by a solid Lipomassage.

The frequency of the mesotherapy depends on the amount of fat disolved.It’s not a magic procedure – it can take a long take to reduce all the fat and shrink the fat cells. Normally, about 3 to 4 treatments are needed before the patient sees absolute results. This meso is a weekly treatment. And very on point. If the euro mesotherapy is injected, the follow up treatment with the ultrasonic and lipodisolve massage HAS to be on the 4th day! It’s very important to keep the treatment days in order, for the product to work.

Cost per  Euro meso treatment: € 110
Package of 4x € 380
(including, ultrasound and massage)

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more, please learn more here.
(For people in the Netherlands and Colombia only)



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