Mood of January

January: time to live up to the new years resolutions but also enjoy a fresh start. Make a beautiful forest walk, eat lots of red fruits (good for your skin!), make a cosy spot outside, drink tea in your favourite sweater, stay in bed for a day, enjoy the snow, have a beauty treatment or just celebrate this month with a walk through a cold winter evening.


Femmie has her own company: raffine. Her company magnifies a brand's unique selling point through graphic design and makes sure the brand communicates clear and strong. On top of that, she is the proud designer of by Styling Amsterdam and works side by side with editor in chief Monica.

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  1. All these suggestions sound lovely. We women need to stop to enjoy life now and then and tell ourselves it is OK to take time out for ourselves! Busy working women and moms all know we neglext ourselves. I say in 2014 we should all vow to take at least an hour or two a week for ourselves, or perhaps half an hour a day to relax and contemplate life!

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