Weekend Breakfast with the Founders of By Styling Amsterdam Ms.Monica van Halder & Ms.Femmie Mulder

by Renata.

After birthday celebrations earlier this month the founders of By Styling Amsterdam may now move on to another joint celebration; the two year anniversary of their dazzling online magazine. What greater way to put emphasis on this accomplishment by starting of this week’s Weekend Breakfast with the two Virgo ladies behind the scenes; Monica and Femmie.

The first thing I do in the morning is…

Monica: …taking my phone from underneath my pillow to check my messages.

Femmie: …drink a glass of water and check my messages on my phone. I am really dedicated to my morning ritual and get really confused whenever I do not stick to it, haha!

I cannot have breakfast without…

Monica: …my detox juice, which ingredients vary. Sometimes it consists of sellery, cucumber and lime, the other times it consists of  ginger, and lemon. Along with my juice I also drink a cup of black coffee.

Femmie: …my blue bowl. It makes my breakfast look even better.

My perfect breakfast consists of…

Monica: …a full English breakfast with beans, fried eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, potato cakes, real tomatoes and fried mushrooms.

Femmie: …soy yoghurt with granola, homemade jam or honey in it.

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…

Monica: …me, myself and I. I enjoy having a quiet breakfast early in the morning while reflecting on things. My morning ritual plays a big part in my life.

Femmie:my boyfriend Jimmy, because we mostly breakfast together on the weekends. Having a Saturday morning breakfast with him means the start of a great weekend to me. There is no rush, only time.


In 2009 Monica and Femmie met at a small PR company in Amsterdam. At that time Femmie was doing her internship and Monica was busy setting up Top Model of Colour; a modeling competition for models of colour in the Netherlands. The two women got along very well and decided to continue working together once Femmie’s internship ended.

Ever since the early start of her career Monica has always been passionate about getting more models of colour into the world of (Dutch) fashion. Her passion grew stronger once she visited the Amsterdam Fashion Week and almost spotted no models of colour on the runway. This observation fueled her idea to come up with an online magazine / blog which focuses on women of colour, hence By Styling Amsterdam was born. Monica approached Femmie to be a co-founder. Femmie took charge of the webdesign and made sure to inspire readers by breathtaking photo collages. The online magazine has grown since then and currently holds a new team of contributors. Nowadays By Styling Amsterdam is showcasing articles about beauty, fashion, travelling, interior styling, music, film and celebrities.

Monica van Halder

Monica (45) was born in Baranquilla, Colombia but grew up in the Netherlands . When she was 25 she moved to Marbella, Spain. In 2009 Monica come back to Holland and starte  the Top Model of Colour (TMC) competition in London approached Monica to their swimwear sponsor. TMC is a modeling competition that focuses on the exposure of models of African, Asian, Caribbean and South-American descent. In 2010 and 2011 Monica in her turn organized the Dutch version of the Top Model of Colour competition in Amsterdam. After the second competition she realized she wanted to create  a space where we could not only talk about fashion and beauty, but also travel, food and interviews – a complete lifestyle for Woman Of Colour. Colour is not only “black” but also Latina, Asian, Native American, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern women.

Femmie Mulder

Femmie (25) was born in Woerden in the Netherlands and grew up in a village called Bodegraven. When she was eighteen years old she moved to Amsterdam to study Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). After receiving her Bachlor’s degree Femmie started her own company: raffine (www.raffine.nl) which she is very proud of. raffine magnifies a brand’s unique selling point through graphic design and makes sure the brand communicates clear and strong.

Both Monica and Femmie have big dreams for By Styling Amsterdam. One of those dreams is to have a beautiful webshop that sells fashion items from all over the world. However the two women also dream of having By Styling Amsterdam in print. The creative duo is currently focusing on redesigning the website and ask all of their followers to stay tuned for a new and improved By Styling Amsterdam.


The new webdesign is currently online, so that is one dream coming true. Do you like it?

Picture: Bonjour Gourmet
Renata Parkinson
Renata Parkinson

Renata was an ambitious writer for by Styling Amsterdam and responsible for the 'Breakfast With' category. Renata was a guest editor. Do you want to write for BSA too? Send us an e-mail!

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