EXPIRED: Win a Pair of Gorgeous Red Hunter Boots


YAY! by Styling Amsterdam is currently celebrating their second anniversary and this can’t go unnoticed. This is why we give-away gorgeous prices. Today, we are giving away these gorgeous red HUNTER boots, thanks to nice staff of Paul Company. It is obvious that you want to win these boots: they are a fall essential!


Simply write down your best most beautiful comment below. Tell us why YOU should win these beautiful HUNTER boots and we will pick a winner, soon!



Femmie has her own company: raffine. Her company magnifies a brand's unique selling point through graphic design and makes sure the brand communicates clear and strong. On top of that, she is the proud designer of by Styling Amsterdam and works side by side with editor in chief Monica.

  1. First of all : Happy anniversary !
    Since two years ago, i saw a photo of a bride wearing hunter boots. From that moment on, it honestly was my dream to get married in beautiful hunter boots ! They are different, but so cute and stylish ! And my second reason is that i live in Holland, and it has been raining for the last few weeks. I don’t have proper rain boots, so i actually NEED these 😉 .

  2. Ooooh! I’d love to win these boots! I’ve been lusting after Hunter Boots for a while now, especially the red ones. Fingers crossed!!!

  3. OMG Hunter boots! And RED?!?! That’s an amazing way to celebrate your 2nd anniversary, thank you for sharing with us! As far as why I would want to win this pair of great boots? Who wouldn’t? Every girl knows that these are a wardrobe staple, and in RED! Fabulous!

  4. WOW! Happy Anniversary! First of all, LOVE the new layout of bystylingamsterdam! Congratz! – But let’s talk about the red HUNTER boots! These boots are mine… just because they match ME, suit ME, adore ME like i adore THEM! Let’s call it: “Perfect Love” – Dear sexy red HUNTER boots, you know it, I know it, we are meant to be! Sincerely yours, Veronica! x

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love rainboots, and living in the northeast am lucky enough to wear them often..I would wear these red ones out! Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall!

  6. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I would love to win this giveaway because the need to be my new FEEL GOOD BOOTS. I have a conditions when sometimes I spend days in bed, vomiting, migraines, pain. On the days I finally get the strength to stand I always use to wear my red boots. People would ask me why and I would say “there my feel good boots” cause they made me feel awesome and colorful and give me strength. I had to move closer to my family and lost my boots on the move :'(. I need new boots to make my bad days a little cheerer!! I would also rock them on my great days on fall!

  7. Happy anniversary! And Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I recently moved from Miami to Chicago and yes, I’m already cold and is only Fall! I need to incorporate Fall and winter musts into my wardrobe. I’ve heard Hunter boots are a must. Thanks again!

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