Bathroom Please! The Amazing Mega Tegels & Badkamers Team, Zaandam

Bathrooms are not what they use to be anymore.  They are no longer a place to simply take a shower, shave and brush your teeth.  The bathroom has become a sanctuary where one can truly spend time to think and reflect.  Of course you still shower and shave there however, the bathroom has become a place that also reflects the mood of the individual.   It does not matter about the size.  What is important is to truly have a space that allows you to relax, think and give you that time to yourself – those very precious moments in the morning when you are alone and beginning the start of your day.  What is important to remember when thinking about having a bathroom restyled is the size of the space.  Often you may see amazing bathrooms in magazines however, keep in mind that your space is about reflecting you as the individual and styled within your personal needs.


I recently had the opportunity to create a new bathroom design for a client.  I wanted to create a space that was totally unique with high quality and not cost the client his first born!  After much research, I met the most amazing team in Zaandam – Mega Tegels & Badkamers.  100% quality service and they had  fantastic patience when answering all my questions on delivery time, the brands and what would work best in the design that I had in mind.  They offer quality regardless of the budget.  And as a stylist, this is extremely important.  I loved their “personal attention” to my every detail.  Thus, when I have another bathroom project, it will definitely be with the Mega Tegels Team in Zaandam because, they truly rock big time!

Story by: Aerial De Neau, Interior Stylist
Photos by: Mega Tegels & Badkamers
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Aerial De Neau-Karlas
Aerial De Neau-Karlas

“Coming from San Francisco, I moved to Amsterdam as part of following my passion to experience life in another country. Amsterdam had an appeal that I absolutely loved. That same passion lead me into interior styling. Being able to create a look for a space is the best feeling. It is a challenge at times finding exactly what works and what doesn’t, but that is all part of the journey. Being able to bring to reality a look that is special and unique is the creative process in motion. It’s what I love doing.”

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