Personal Birthday Wishes for our Editor in Chief: Monica!

Aerial:Beautiful lady, It is a pleasure to say happy birthday to such an inspiring and energetic person!  Wishing you rainbows and moonlight to guide you through this journey we call life.  Big love, Aerial “

Arzu: “I wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR guapa, maximize your wishes and dreams and i’ll be wishing they will all come true! Live it up baby, the world is YOURS! Love, ZU”

Cheyenne:Wishing you a great and fashionable birthday with yet another year of your o so stylish blog, giving people from all ethnicities a way to share their info with all your readers. Enjoy your day with all the fashion insiders, friends and family….muakmuak y ahora en español nenaaaa la colombianita linda del fashion en amsterdam y mundial. (No vamos a olvidar a españa). Te deseo un feliz cumpleaños y que sigas asi con tu blog. Que logras tus sueños,tengas salud y felicidad. Un abrazo. See you at your party!! xoxo Cheyenne”

Deau: “Dear Monica, it’s time to pop the champagne, make some noise, dish out some food, throw some confetti and burst some balloons. Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve the best! Lots of Love Deau xoxo”

Femmie: “Dearest partner in crime and precious friend of mine, Happy birthday to you, I am so happy to have the joy of celebrating this with you. Thank you for being you: powerful, enthousiastic, caring, honest, warm and all of this with whilst wearing your smile. You are very special to me.”

Renata: “Happy Birthday to you Monica, enjoy your special day!! xoxo Renata”


Femmie has her own company: raffine. Her company magnifies a brand's unique selling point through graphic design and makes sure the brand communicates clear and strong. On top of that, she is the proud designer of by Styling Amsterdam and works side by side with editor in chief Monica.

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