Weekend Breakfast with Ms. Kyrin Hall

By Renata

The first thing I do in the morning is…

…tend to drink a glass of warm water with lemon and some chia seeds.

I cannot have breakfast without…

… a fruit / vegetable shake. The worse thing to do is skipping breakfast! It imbalances the blood sugar and the body starts restoring whatever you had for dinner.

My perfect breakfast consists of…

…a shake with cooked quinoa, fruit (fresh berries) and two pieces of (green) vegetables (i.e. spinache). I change this around, depending on  the season.  However I do try to add maca, cocoa and / or protein powder to my shake. Shakes that contain fruits only are often filled with (too much) sugar. However eggs benedict also look divine and the taste is pure luxury.

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…

My ideal breakfast would be with two people actually. The first one would be Nelson Mandela, because in his last trimester of life, I believe he would embrace each day with eager anticipation – and with his 90+ years, breakfast would be sprinkled with insightful stories. The second person would be Ashton Eaton, the current Olympic + World gold medalist in Decathlon [10 sports]. I would enjoy having breakfast with him too to get a bird’s eye view on how the world fittest man feed. 

Meet Nutritionist Kyrin Hall

As it is known to many; the fashion world is all about looks. Even though many of us are well aware of the negative effects fast food can have on our health, we do not always stop to think about the dangers that lie in our daily nutrition.  To maintain a great look one needs to pay careful attention to daily food ingestion as well. In this last decade health care specialists have dedicated themselves to educate the general population on nutrition. Are the foods our parents have taught us to eat really as healthy as we have always believed them to be? Nutritionist Kyrin Hall Ph.D. knows how to eat and what to eat to not only maximize one’s natural beauty but also how to improve psychological well being. The gorgeous Hall practices what she preaches as she is the perfect example of how good nutrition affects beauty from the inside out.

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

My name is Kyrin Hall and I am a nutritionist. 

How does one become a nutritionist?

I studied Clinical Nutrition at the McGill University in Canada. Then I moved to London and studied there for three years consulting clients while being monitored. I have also done a clinical internship in regard to nutrition.

What inspired you to study nutrition? 

My fascination with food started when my grandmother moved from the Caribbean to San Francisco. Her body shape started to change. In a short period of time she went from eating foods of the ground to food from the supermarket. She was later diagnosed with metabolic syndrome; a high blood pressure, high cholesterol and different cardiovascular risk factors. When this happened she received a lot of medication. That is where my journey started.

When did you start your clinic in Amsterdam?

I have been in this industry for seven years but I opened up my clinic in Amsterdam in 2010. I work together with other professionals (General Practitioner, fysiotherapist etc.). We refer clients to one another. It depends on what an individual needs. My services are covered by the health insurance.

Tell us something about your modus operandi with clients.

I believe there is a rather linear relationship between nutrition and our health. It can actually transform the way we feel. The underline cause of health issues is not always obvious. For instance when it comes to skin problems you have to look from the inside out, for instance the digestive system. As a nutritionist I approach any individual in a holistical matter; what kind of strategies can one take to avoid allergical reactions? I provide clients with tools to manage their own health. It is all about making the right choice in food and to eat regularly throughout the day. Dealing with stress and balancing digestion are crucial. It is important that toxins leave your body.  

What is the most common issue with nutrition that you see in the Netherlands? 

When I moved here I noticed that bread ís a big part of the diet, it’s very easy to eat. There is nothing necessarily wrong with bread but there are quite a lot of studies that show the importance of varying your diet. To not eat too much of the same thing. When I first arrived  here people seemed to be less open about awareness in regard to food. However recently there has been an increase in specialized shops in the Netherlands. In the past I used to drive to London once a month to get special type of groceries. Nowadays even a supermarket like AH sells quinoa. Nowadays people are more willing to consider their choice in food; ”maybe we should not have so many sandwiches as we do.”

Is dieting a good choice? 

No diet will fit anyone. It is all about making better choices when it comes to nutrition. For instance milk and cheese are not good for everyone. Some of us are lactose intolerant. Nowadays I see more people being open to investigate the relationship between nutrition and mood. 

Kyrin, you make sure that you practice what you preach; beautiful from the inside out! Besides maintaining a healthy diet, what else do you do to keep healthy?

I have studied yoga in Asia and I also like to run often to keep fit.

What can we expect of you in the (near) future?

In the near future, I want to make food available to the public that is healthy, affordable and delicious. I will be doing a workshop at the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam on Oct 1st – ‘SuperFoods to boost Energy’ in partnership with the hotel Executive Chef Schilo Van Coevorden. Van Coevorden has prepared meals for Madonna. Really looking forward to this lecture & food tasting workshop.

Mid October, I will also partner with Master Baker Joanne Richards to do a workshop on making ‘Thin-Crust Spelt Pizza’  + with Master chef Ivo Schellen, we will do a cancer prevention cooking workshop. Each month, I will do a Food/Health workshop. For workshop details, please visit my website www.kyrinhall.com and sign up for my newsletter for updates.

Follow Kyrin on Twitter @kyrinhall.

Renata Parkinson
Renata Parkinson

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  1. The photo was taken in a mild summer afternoon at the Albert Cuyp market, while Kyrin was shopping for fresh groceries. It was inspiring as well as fun to work with such an energetic, intelligent & beautiful woman as she is!

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