Weekend Breakfast with Ms. Coco and Ms. Breezy

By Renata

The first thing I do in the morning is…

Coco: …stretching my body and then while lying in bed I always yell “Breezy are you awake?”

Breezy: I answer Coco yelling “Yes Coco I am awake” then I roll over straight to my laptop to answer emails with one eye open and the other one closed not even fully awake haha!

I cannot have breakfast without…

Coco: …almond milk if eating cereal. I also always need a great juicy piece of fruit.

Breezy: I have such a sweet tooth, so a fruit is a great morning desert.

My perfect breakfast consists of…

Coco: …granola, almond milk, bananas, apples and cranberries all in one bowl.

Breezy: …of course of whatever Coco eats! Plus we also love to make this bowl with egg whites, spinach, tomatoes and avocado!

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…

Coco: …my dad, because he takes breakfast seriously. As a kid he would wake us up at 6 AM everyday to get us a good Southern breakfast. We would have eggs, grits, and fried catfish on a good day.

Breezy: …my mother, because she also made sure she cooked breakfast for us every day as kids. Whenever we thought there was nothing to eat, she always whipped up no recipes. As long as we had tortillas in the house we were good! Breakfast tacos. Moms make everything look good.

Meet Eyewear Designers Coco and Breezy

Even though the weather conditions tell us that summer is gone that does not stop some of us from wearing shades. Fashion twins Corianna and Brianna, better known as Coco and Breezy, vicariously live by their motto that your eyewear is always your outfit and your clothing outfit is always your accessory.” One will hardly catch the girls without wearing their unique eyewear. The creative duo has been in the fashion industry since 2009 when their designs immediately became a hit while visiting New York, a trip which has skyrocketed their success. Nowadays Coco and Breezy’s celebrity clientele consists of Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many more.

mosi black 1

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

We are Coco and Breezy, co-founders of Coco and Breezy Eyewear.

When did you start your brand?

We officially started our brand in 2009; that is when history started. 

Describe your target group.

We design our eyewear for that person that wants a statement piece in their look.  Our demographic is male and female in the age group of 18-30 . Its that person who wants to put on a basic outfit and when they wear our sunglasses, it adds that statement aesthetic. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

While in our design process, we are actually inspired by art & architecture. You can truly see those aesthetics in our sunglasses designs. When we create a collection we like to come up with themes for inspiration, and that’s how we get the design, color ways, and even names of the glasses.

Who is your muse?

We are each other’s muses!

zesiro gold 1

What kind of material do you use most when designing your eyewear?

Most of the materials we use are Acetate and Metal. You can find a new treatment on our new “Translucent Creatures” collection where there is a pair of sunglasses with a matte rubber coating on the metal.

Tell us something about your latest collection.

The current collection that is available now is called “Omorose”. We used a lot of oversized & round frames and lenses in this collection. We are very excited about our Spring14 collection called “Translucent Creatures”.  We used a lot of transparent colors, mixed with solid colors making it monochromatic. You will also see a variety of new frame shapes, such as circle, cat eye and even oversized square.

What can we expect of Coco and Breezy in the (near) future?

In the near future, you will see our eyewear collection grow with more variety of styles. We will also be tapping into the optics market in the near future. We have been working on our artwork, so we want to mix our fashion design with our paintings and illustrations.

Besides ordering online, is there a possibility to get your eyewear in retail stores in- and / or outside the United States?

Yes, our eyewear is sold in stores internationally. You can go to our website www.CocoandBreezy.com and check out our Retail List to find a store near you!

Visit Coco and Breezy at www.CoCoandBreezy.com or follow them on Twitter @CocoandBreezy


Renata Parkinson
Renata Parkinson

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