Weekend Breakfast with Mr. Washington Roberts

by Renata.

The first thing I do in the morning is…

…it varies. Especially now that I am working on my new collection, I rarely sleep properly. However the first thing I do in the morning is drinking a glass of water and then I get back to working on the collection.

I cannot have breakfast without…

…my eggs!

My perfect breakfast consists of…

eggs, oatmeal with bananas, French toast and so on.

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…

myself because I use that time to reflect on things, for instance to edit my collection.

Meet Designer Washington Roberts

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

My name is Washington Roberts and I am a womenswear designer. I love everything related to fashion and anything  creative. The Washington Roberts collection is American-made, contemporary apparel. The artistic creations will appeal to the woman with discriminating taste for style.  As a designer I focus on pieces that are modern and progressive, while they are still easy to incorporate into your closet.

When did you start your brand?

In 2010.

Washington Roberts AW'13-3

Describe your target group.

The Washington Roberts woman is a woman whose job requires clothes that can transcend from day to night with ease.  She knows what she wants, she is very confident and she always wants to stand out in the crowd. She is a trendsetter, not a trendfollower.

Who is your muse? 

I consider Joline Braun, Giselle Johnson, and Aina Fadina to be my muses. Muse is one of those words that is often being used in a loose manner. Most people always equate muse to being a model. For me a muse is that person who no matter what she wears in my collection she always looks like the garment was made for her. She inspires me to want to create pieces for her or while I am creating I am saying to myself “Omg she will look amazing in this dress or gown.” She is also someone I love to be around; beautiful inside out.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anything and everything can inspire my designs. From building architecture, to daily wear worn by  women and men on the street.

Washington Roberts AW'13-5

What kind of fabric do you use for your designs?

I mostly use silk satin, silk organza, silk chiffon, lace, Italian wool, raw silk, wool crepe, silk/wool and so on. Pretty much anything luxurious, but a silk/wool blend is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It is definitely one of the core fabrics in the collection.

Tell us something about the collection you are currently working on.

 I am currently working on the S/S’14 collection. It is inspired by the Yoruba Lace culture in Nigeria.

Washington Roberts AW'13-9

What can we expect of you in the (near) future?

Increasing the visibility of the brand nationwide as well as  internationally and expanding into different categories. I am working on launching a swimwear line next year called “WR BEACHWEAR”.  We will also be introducing the “WR TEE” in the S/S’14 collection. This is a Unisex T-shirt line that will be available in silk jersey and cotton blend jersey. We have been getting a lot of requests for menswear line. Perhaps this might become a reality soon, since I design my own wardrobe anyway.

Besides ordering online, is there a possibility to get your clothes in retail stores in- and / or outside the United States?

Oh that will definitely become a possibility in the future! That is part of the expansion strategy. Since the brand has a European fashion sensibility to it, it is only right that we expand to that market.

Washington Roberts AW'13-19

Visit Washington Roberts at www.washingtonroberts.com

Renata Parkinson
Renata Parkinson

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