Weekend Breakfast with Mr. Giovanni Cavallaro

by Renata.

The first thing I do in the morning is…

…start the day with a very quick and warm shower which has to be warm, almost hot. Then I start doing more basic things men do almost every morning like shaving.

I cannot have breakfast without…

…a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. I guess I am a little addicted seeming I get headaches if I do not drink some coffee during the morning.

My perfect breakfast consists of…

Ok, this is a hard one. I am Italian, southern Italian to be specific. In other words; the worse type’’ of Italian when it comes to food. I have two ideal breakfasts; one for winter, one for summer. In the eastern side of Sicily, where I am from, the summer breakfast is called “Granita”. It is a flavored ice cream (no milk involved) eaten with a special type of bread made exclusively for this kind of meal. There are dozens of flavors.

In winter time my favorite breakfast is the standard Italian cappuccino with an apricot marmalade croissant.

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…

There are many beloved people I would like to have with me during breakfast, but if I have to choose just one, I would say that the perfect breakfast is with my girlfriend Patricia.

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Meet Photographer Giovanni Cavallaro

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

I am an Italian who currently resides in between the Dominican Republic and Italy. I am an Industrial Designer and a passionate fashion, commercial and fine art wedding photographer. Photography is something that goes beyond the simple realization of images and has deeply changed my way of experiencing life and relating to others. I realized that my greatest skill is to make feel people comfortable, beautiful and real. For me that is the best and only way to make anyone I photograph look the best they ever will. The rest is in making the shoot as much fun as possible!

When did you start working as a photographer?

I started in 2003, but it was more about personal projects and private work for model shoots, no magazines yet. After I moved to the Dominican Republic in 2008 I started to publish my work in magazines.

How does one become a photographer?

How to become a photographer is different for every person. I think that a good photographer is born that way. Photography techniques and photographic gear come after a good eye.

Can you name some clients you work(ed) for?

My work has been published in some of the most important magazines in the Dominican Republic such as Mujer Única, Estilo|s, Pandora, Pandora Bodas, Santo Domingo Times, A la Moda, Novias, UEPA Mag, Contempo Diseño, P!nk, Vanidades In Style, among others. I also shoot many fashion campaigns for Dominican designers and I do swimsuits photo shoots such as the Spring/Summer Campaign for JUMBO, the biggest department store in the Dominican Republic.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

 I constantly keep myself informed on new trends. I look at tons of pictures, campaigns, fashion editorials from anywhere around the world. I cannot explain exactly where I get my inspiration from. It just comes to me. I look at colors, shapes, poses and the pictures come to my mind.

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What kind of camera / camera techniques do you use most?

It depends. I do professional work with both Professional High Mega Pixels Digital Reflex and small “Mirrorless Cameras”. In regard to my techniques, I prefer to work outdoors with natural light, trying to keep lighting as simple as possible. I definitively think that in photography “less is more”.

What is your most memorable project so far?

I would say that every project is very special to me. I might have some favorite ones, but they are all memorable to me. I can remember every single one, every single shot. Weird, but true.

Tell us something about your latest project.

My last projects were some fashion shoots for two models who were going to participate in the most important beauty pageant competition in the Dominican Republic. The funny thing is that these girls got 1st and 2nd place in the final competition. I guess my shoot with them gave them lots of luck!

What can we expect of you in the (near) future?

I am seriously considering producing a photo book with all my personal projects. I have always wanted to shoot an entire book. I guess that now I have said this out loud I will have to say “stay tuned”, don’t I?


Visit Giovanni Cavallaro at www.giovannicavallaro.com

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