Pillow Talk: It’s Not Just About Sleeping Anymore


By Aerial De Neau, Interior Stylist

You see them in trendy cafes and restaurants. They show up in books, magazines and interior design showrooms.   Bedrooms, and entertainment spaces showcase them.

Colours of the rainbow, colour tones from nature, naturals combined with earth tones – they can set the mood of a room in an instant.  They can influence the way a sofa can be transformed.  Pillows have become a huge part of the way one styles a space.  All shapes and sizes, these lovely accessories have really started to make a true statement.  I often check out interior design books and magazines to see what new trends are emerging.  There are so many different designs and styles that one can use to translate a personal look that is unique and special to the individual.  Pillows can assist in telling a story and help define what the space is all about.  I love the use of pillows in styling projects to create a sense of warmth.  The look invites you to come in and relax, have a good chat or simply allows you to unwind from a very hectic day.  By simply using the right combination, it can be a great way to make a new look.  Try it, a small tool to use in creating a big change in your style.

Aerial De Neau-Karlas
Aerial De Neau-Karlas

“Coming from San Francisco, I moved to Amsterdam as part of following my passion to experience life in another country. Amsterdam had an appeal that I absolutely loved. That same passion lead me into interior styling. Being able to create a look for a space is the best feeling. It is a challenge at times finding exactly what works and what doesn’t, but that is all part of the journey. Being able to bring to reality a look that is special and unique is the creative process in motion. It’s what I love doing.”

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