Weekend Breakfast with Miss Cheyenne Rigalia

by Renata.

The first thing I do in the morning is…
…check my messages.

I cannot have breakfast without…
…bread!! I know it’s not good but I just cannot do without it.

My perfect breakfast consists of…
…I like a heavy, warm and rich breakfast that contains bread, eggs, and sausages and so on.

The best person for me to have breakfast with is…
…my mother because we almost have the same taste in breakfast. Bread and Butter it is!! REAL butter by the way!

Meet Cheyenne Rigalia from Calibelleza

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?
My name is Cheyenne Rigalia and I am the founder of Calibelleza. I like everything that has to do with beauty treatments. This does not necessarily mean plastic surgery, but also super food that is good for your skin, vitamins and sports. I hit the gym every day and maintain a healthy diet. Besides that I like to maintain my looks with simple treatments. Something that’s so normal in South America but so little done here.

When it comes to my clients I am a caring person and very protective. I like to keep things realistic with my clients. If something isn’t possible it’s just not possible.

When did you start with Calibelleza?
I started in 2008.

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What do you offer your clients?
I offer assistance and guidance trough the whole process of choosing a surgeon and finding solutions for their problems. Calibelleza always offers the latest in plastic surgery and beauty treatments. I inform my clients very well about what’s going to happen and especially about the post-operational phase. Almost nobody talks about the time needed for recovery which is a shame. People tend to recover better when they know what to expect.

Why did you choose Cali in Colombia?
Cali is known for being the capital of plastic surgery. They are way ahead of everybody else. You will find all the latest beauty treatments there so it is definitely the place to be, hence the name of my company. Belleza means beauty, so beauty from Cali translates into Calibelleza. Most treatments we offer take place in Cali in Colombia although some beauty treatments are offered in the Netherlands like meso therapy and massages.

Describe your target group to us.
Any person – male, female, gay, straight or transgender –  who is seeking beauty treatments or plastic surgery from 18 years old and up. Anything goes as long as you are an adult.

Do you have any experience with treatments in Cali yourself?
I sure do! I am a firm believer of standing behind your product. How in the world could I advice people for plastic surgery and beauty treatments if I did not know what I was talking about!

What are the most popular cosmetic / beauty treatments nowadays?
For females it’s tummy tucks and butt lifts. For males it’s nose jobs and liposuction (to create a sixpack). For transgenders it’s facial bone shaping and implants. I must say also mention that many clients undergo a lot of reconstructive work from previous surgeries in the Netherlands.

What is included in the price when clients decide to do business with Calibelleza?
Clients can choose from a variety of packages; from an easy one to a VIP one, however in general we offer the following: a virtual consult (free), plastic surgery, pre-medical checkups (like urine, blood and heart), post-operational girdles (if needed), a night in the clinic, 24 hour nurse, care and housekeeping, transport, post-operational treatments, long stay and if desired an assistant who travels with you for guidance. Besides that up to 3 – 4 times a year I organize beauty tours where I travel with a group of likeminded people to Cali and guide them in their procedures from pre-operational to post-operational. We usually also hit the malls and restaurants to make it a joined experience they will never forget!

Visit Calibelleza at www.calibelleza.com


Renata Parkinson
Renata Parkinson

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