By Styling Travel Guide: New York: Big, Busy, Amazing

Recently, I went to visit the city that never sleeps.  It had been many years since my last time there and I wanted to see what changes had taken place from then until now.  I also wanted to get new inspiration for ideas on interior design.  New York is one of those amazing cities where so much is going on.  You need to figure out what you really want to see and experience first.   I wanted to take in all of it so, I started with the 9/11 Memorial Park.  One of the most amazing buildings to see was the new tower that has been built.   The sheer beauty of it can take your breath away.  It soars high above all New York.  It makes a very clear statement to let you know it is there and it is strong.  There are 3 smaller buildings presently under construction to create a total of 4.  As I walked further into the park, my heart went into my throat.  The way in which they designed the memorial was done with such thought and dignity.  The place where each original tower stood was made into 2 separate 4 sided waterfalls.IMG_1321
Directly in the center of each was a hole in which water continued to flow downwards as if into infinity.The names of all those lost was engraved along a flat metal bar which ran all the way around each waterfall.
It was emotional, heart moving and stunning all at the same time.  After experiencing this, an upbeat tempo was in order.  Thus, I hit SoHo.  Cafes, shops and beautiful architecture at every turn!  I was inspired with each step I took.  As I continued in the days that followed, I hit 5th Avenue and then Midtown to see what the interior design district was featuring. Many of the lines and ideas shown were of course, from Europe. It made me smile.Later I thought to myself – fantastic food, fashion and a multicultural environment were all here.  Broadway and the now very hip and trendy Haarlem, all part of the mix and attraction that New York offers. It can be tough, dirty and difficult.  At the same time it is beautiful, stunning and taking your breath away.  I loved it and will definitely go back to take it all in again.

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Aerial De Neau, Interior Stylist


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