Women Working It In The Business World: Zulayka Martis – Defined Style

You often see them on their way to work.  They present themselves in a way that radiates strength and confidence. Where are they going?  What type of work do they do?  Who are they really?  Zulayka Martis is an individual working it in a way that you would not suspect.  She is a Global Events Manager for one of the largest software companies worldwide.  How did this happen?  The phrase “don’t judge a book by the cover” truly applies in this case.  She holds her own with confidence, strength and style.  Her role is extremely demanding and requires strong focus and concentration.    How does someone create a global marketing campaign for software and make it look effortless?   I made a visit to her private home office and asked her.

“Professionally my career has brought me from the Dutch Government to Royal Dutch Shell, and then I moved into IT.”  “First at Pure Software which was founded by Reed Hastings, he has since started up Netflix.”

“I then moved to Rational Software.”  “I’ve now been at Compuware for 15 years, where I’ve worked in various product lines and marketing positions. I’m now the Global Events Manager for Compuware Uniface.”

Question: “You not only work full time which is very demanding, there is another personal interest as well.”  “What is that about?”

“Yes, I have my own side business that I do called ‘Z Yourself’ – I offer advise to women on how to combine professional and personal lifestyle together to create a balance in their lives.”  “It’s a way to give back and help women empower themselves.”

Question:  “Are there any other passions in your life.”


“In our valuable free time my life partner of 16-years and I love to travel. We have visited all 7 continents together including Antarctica.” “George has a goal to visit as many countries as possible in his lifetime.”

“We just got back from Bhutan which puts his count at 102!”
“Besides travelling, I am passionate about fashion as you can see by my shoe collection.”  “You know what, my shoe count is very high.” He collects countries and I collect shoes and currently I am winning!”

I had the opportunity to see the walk-in closet.  Let’s just say, it is:
a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Zulayka wanted to have her home office styled in a way that would give the same ambience as her walk-in closet.  As a former interior styling client of mine, we collaborated to create the perfect look.


With a great since of humor, intelligence and commitment, Zulayka Martis is working it just the way you should – with defined style.
You can see more about Z Yourself by going to her website on: http://www.zyourself.com/en/about.htm

Story by:  District-A/Interior Styling – Aerial De Neau, Interior Stylist


Stylist / Model Scout / Blogger (Editor in Chief) / PR / Events Planner / and Proud Mother, Wife and Lover of Life. Also follows the developments in international fashion trends closely as well as keeping an eye on the webshops for the latest fashion news.

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