District-A/Interior Styling Travel:The Berlin Connection

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was completely captivated by the diversity of the city.  It is a city that continues to “find itself”.  With East and West Berlin becoming one, the merge of the two can be seen when travelling throughout the city.  What use to be East Berlin can sometimes reveal  architecture from the days of the cold war.  However, as you explore further, you come upon a stunning building that takes your breath away.  I came across a very unique building as well as, some very special interior styles.  A building that can fold itself into a cube, a hotel room which has the most amazing wallpaper, a boutique which uses the display of old sewing machines as part of the backdrop for amazing clothing.
IMG_1156Berlin is one of those cities that can be quite confusing at times and yet, the more you explore it – the more sense it makes.  Which is why if you have never been, it is a definite must see.  Trust me.
Interior Styling By,Aerial Deneau

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