Exclusive Interview with 3rd Floor Magic

3rd floor magic

3rd floor magic

Please, introduce yourself, and for those of our readers who are not familiar with 3rd Floor Magic, tell us about your band members.
Tim and Hilin are the vocals of the band, Alon is the guitarist, Max plays bass, Rafi drums and Remi plays the keys.

How old are you guys?
Tim : 20 years old

Alon:19 years old

Max: 21 years old

Rafi: 24 years old

Remi: 24 years old

Hilin: 22 years old

How long ago was the band formed? What were you doing at the time before the band was born?
The band was formed in September 2011. Tim: ‘I was making music and I was performing as Tuxedo. I also went to a school for music producer’.
Hilin: ‘I was studying art and entertainmentin  school and I was in a blues band’.
Alon: ‘I was singing and writing music and going to school’.
Max: ‘I went to school for theatre’.
Rafi: ‘I was a full time musician’.
Remi: ‘I was producing hardcore and hip hop music’.

How did you come up with the band’s name?
We make music on the 3rd floor and that is where the magic happenend. That is how we came up with the name.

How would you descirbe your music and which artist were an inspiration to your sound?
Energetic and enthousiastic. A fusion of Hip Hop/Reggae & Funk. Bands that inspire us are the Black Eyed Peas, Gym Class Heroes & The Roots and many more.
Tim: ‘Damian Marley, the Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, Gym Class Heroes, Bob Marley uhm.. so many!’.
Hilin: ‘Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and many, many more’.
Alon: ‘Backstreet Boys, NSYNC’.
Max: ‘Victor Wooten, the Roots’.
Rafi: ‘Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Roots, NERD’.
Remi: ‘Jazz, HipHop, Hardcore and Drum ‘n Bass’.


What do you think makes your band different from others?
This is going to sound cliché, but the music and energy that we give through our music.

Why don’t you describe the making of ‘Bang Bang’ from writing and pre-production to recording?
Tim: ‘A friend of mine, Bjorn Pehrson wrote a song, which I can’t remember. He recorded the chords and when he left, magic happened. I guess the chorus was born and the rest followed’.

Who in the band, gets the most nervous before a live performance?
It depends on the show. Overall it is Tim who gets the most stress because he’s always running back and forth taking care of things.

What projects are you currently working on or is there a tour in the making that your fans can look forward to?
Our new album will be released in October or November of this year. The album will have a tour included which will be absolutely magical. Also we will be giving out livingroom shows to promote our albumrelease, so if you are interested mail us at 3rd.floor.magic@gmail.com!

Any future dreams for 3rd Floor Magic?
We want to go overseas and we would love to work with one of our idols. 

Any upcoming shows you can tell us about?

We’re supporting Queensnight on April 29 at the Le Patron Vijzelgracht 63 at the Parkeerterrein for our local fans….we play at 19.00 be on time!!



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