Launch Of GlamGlow Super Mud At Douglas Store

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Monday we were invited by GlamGlow at Douglas for the release from their newest product GlamGlow Super-Mud™ Clearing Treatment.

Home is where the heart is; well in this case home is where their story begins. Glenn and Shannon Dellimore creator and founder GlamGlow, had a little get-together with a few of their celebrity friends. When an actor friend commented that he was looking for a product that would makes his skin instantly camera ready. While this became a serious topic, they did some research and decided to create a formula for the skin, a product just for their friends, with no intention at all to bring the product on the retail market. But the economy just crashed and they had just bought a new house and a baby on the way the last thing they needed was spend amount on the ingredients for providing free samples for their friends. So they actually filled their product in little jars in their living room at the coffee table. After they handed out this no name mud, their celebrity friends were so amazed by the result of this handmade product and it became a behind the scene product only A-list actors used. Then one night they got a call from a Vice President of a major luxury retail company, he told Glenn and Shannon that he was amazed by their product and the results were just amazing, and wanted to retail their product. Glenn and Shannon Dellimore created in their living room at that same coffee table a concept box design, brainstormed for their no name magic mud… and then there was the birth of GLAMGLOW™ the beginning of a skincare adventure.

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GlamGlow Super-Mud™ Clearing Treatment

SUPERMUD™ CLEARING TREATMENT – GlamGlow is clinically developed by GlamGlow dermatological chemist to help fight all the common skin problems. The developers from GlamGlow know that adults can get just as many spots as teenagers therefor they developed a clearing treatment that prevent and heal the skin from the inside. You can use the super mud as a full mask or just apply them on the spots marks on your face. The GlamGlam Glow Super-Mud™ can be used every day for only 5 or 20 minutes.

To use: Apply onto clean, dry skin, and leave on until it has dried which can be 5 // 10 // 15 // 20 minutes. we kept  us for around 15-20 mins. Now this does have a light tingle initially, but nothing in my opintion  like the youth-mud mask. perhaps a little flush feeling on the skin which goes after a few minutes.
Tip: For easy, no-mess application, use a foundation brush to apply your mask.

The ACNECIDIC-6™ and unique acid 6 AHA and BHA blend mix will give a mind blowing faster results. Super-Mud contain POREMATRIX™ with Activated-X Charcoal and K17-Clay™ for deep pore vacuum extraction, encapsulation and seemingly pore less skin. The NEW TEAOXI Patent pending release Technology with real Eucalyptus Leafs in the Super-Mud™ Clearing Treatment formula for a Magical Glowing Skin. “ Hello Sexy welcome to the world of GLAMGLOW”.

Now available at Douglas

Sales price  € 49,95 (30ml)

The GlamGlow presentation counter at Douglas Kalverstraat.













ByStylingAmsterdam Blogger Deau with Glenn and Shannon Dellimore with the SUPER-MUD™ Clearing Treatment

I have Super-Mud™ on my nose while holding an Emmy Award, Oh-So-Charming.

Thanks Douglas and GlamGlow for having us. We are absolutely convinced by the working of Super-Mud™ Clearing Treatment. We feel so spoiled with the goodie bag!




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