Exclusive Interview with Lingerie & Swimwear Designer Caprice Bourret

We recently had the chance to interview Model and entrepreneur Caprice ,born in Southern California and move to the UK in 1996,she quickly became one of the most photographed women in the world, having appeared on over 350 magazine covers across the globe and over 200 TV shows.  She was voted GQ Magazine’s Woman of the Year, and Maxim’s International Woman of the Year for three years running. In 2006 Caprice began her rebirth launching By Caprice Lingerie which she fully finances, designs, models and markets.
BSA:How did you end-up being a Lingerie Designer?and what is the story behind  By Caprice Lingerie lingerie?

Caprice: When I approached my 30’s, I thought i needed to think of my next move because ven thought I have bin on the cover of over 350 magazin’s and was making a fortune modelling when you turn 30 it is like one foot in the grave.

I was getting on in the vain and superficial world of models, I thought what would everyone buy into? Then it came to me UNDERWEAR! And that is where it all began.


BSA:Can you tell us more about your latest collection? What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Caprice:My SS13 collection has been a huge hit. Saks have been phenomenal! The colors are vibrant and feminime. I have launched my double booster bra wich sold out in the first three weeks of sales. I Remember when I first opened my doors my design were all about what Caprice like until I realised what a mistake that was as saks were terrible. Also I didnt pay attention to fits.

However, mistakes are for a reason as a value lesson was learned. It is not about me and my ego it is ONLY about my customer!
by caprice

BSA:What can we expect from your next collection?

Caprice: I Now serutinize weekly saks reports to see what colors, moulds, prints, laces, embroideries, etcetera my customers like. I am a commerical designer.

Offcourse I go to the shows in Paris to identify what is on trend and source my laces and embroideries, but for the  most part designs are catered to my customers needs that have been accumulated from saks reports.

BSA:What kind of lady wears By Caprice?

Caprice:My Ladies want comfort and fashion and that is excatly what i give them.

BSA:What do you love about being a designer Caprice?

Caprice: I love what I do.. I love making women feel beautiful and look beautiful!

BSA:What lingerie designers and/or brands inspire you?

Caprice:I love Made By Niki…. very original and gorgeous pieces.

BSA:What’s your favorite piece of lingerie?

Caprice:I love my bras. I love tge fit and the design. It makes such a difference when you have a fab fiting bra that is also gorgeous.

BSA:What is a typical week for Caprice?

Caprice:Hahaha, sometimes I Wish I had a typical day but that hasn’t happend in 20 years!

BSA:Anything you want to add to close this interview?
Caprice: Thank you so much girls for all your questions, I’ve had a great time speaking to all of you.Don’t forget to check out my new collection!

Last but not least, where can we buy By Caprice? By Caprice Lingerie collections are available now. See www.bycaprice.com



Thanks so much for your time Caprice!   




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