Dutch Playmate Of The Year 2012.

Thursday was the announcement of the new ‘Playmate Of The Year 2012’ byStylingamsterdam was there with Beau Hesling Playmate of the month February 2012.











Beau Hesling was in the running to become Playmate Of The Year 2012,  during the month march people could vote on her through text message, and she made an awesome promotion

credits to; Cinematographer: Ignjat Miletic
Makeup Artist: Geesje Remijnse
Editor: Jorg Rozier
Styling:Nadieh Cuijten


So there finally after a whole month doing promotion, and being sick of waiting to declare the poll the big day was finally there.

Playboy of the year 2012 was held at the new bar from Casper Reinders ‘Roses Cantina’

after almost waiting an hour, Zimra Geurts Playmate Of Year 2011 introduced the Playmates in the running for the title and asked them a few question… We were all so excited… then there… was the big announcement from the Playboy legend himself Hugh Hefner.


Unfortunally Beau didnt get the Playmate of the year title, but you know it’s only a title, you can earn it, you can win it, you can buy it or you can wear it like an invisible crown. That’s all the advice we byStylingamsterdam want to give to the beautifull and ambition Beau Hesling!


Beau Hesling (wearing the CookieCultute dress inspired by Herve Leger white bandage dress)

1. Beau Hesling with Zimra Geurts.

2. Playmates Nadine – Beau – Lotte – Zimra

3. Beau with Playmate Birgit Aarsman

4. Lotte (winner Poty 2012) – Beau

5. Playmate Rosanne – Beau – Deau for ByStylingamsterdam – Michelle v. Rossenberg


Offcourse byStylingamsterdam had the honor to interview the beautifull Playmate Beau Hesling.


BSA; Beau, i guess a lot of people hadn’t expected the outcome from the declare of the poll.
What was your first thought when you heard Lotte’s name instead of yours.
Beau; Well honestly i didnt expected her to win because Playmate Nadine and myself we did the most promotion and had the most support and fans, also on the webpoll from Playboy we we’re the most populair under the voters…
BSA; Now that the POTY competition is over, what can we expect from you.. New shoots?
Beau;  Yes, i will continue my modeling and playboy career but i don’t need a title for that. Good things are coming my way a bunch load more shoots and so much more things planned, soooo just a little bit patient.
BSA;  If Playboy Holland selects you again for poty would you do it again?
Beau; No, been there done that!

BSA; From insiders we heard there was a little beef going on between you and playmate Nadine.. How was it to see Nadine again..
Beau;  Well, at first its was a little bit awkward, but we solved everything out, and we are beyond ok! She’s a really awesome chick!

BSA; Unfortunately you didn’t get the title.. I supposed that if you did had it.. There would be a huge victory party… What did you do after the announcement?

Beau;  Hahaha, i had a Vodka party with my friends; teamBEAU and teamNadine – Vodka, friends & partyhard all the right ingredients were there last night!


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