Interview with POUCHI designer: Veronica Jibodh

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POUCHI designer Veronica Jibodh

Veronica Jibodh is an entrepreneur. She’s always looking for new opportunities, living a dream and trying to pursue it! She was the first owner of Discover Your Beauty, a very chic beautysalon, but she wanted more than just that. Whatever she wants, she’s trying to achieve. As for now, she’s the owner, founder and designer of POUCHI, a new label for high fashion leather accessories. Besides being a business woman, she loves to have fun! She’s a real camera addict, enjoys music and loves to socialize with people. Her family and friends are the V.I.P’s in her life!

Veronica how did the idea of starting your company come up?
“I am an entrepreneur and I’m always looking for new opportunities. While working on three other projects of mine this brilliant idea of a POUCHI bag pops up in my head. And this is how: I was putting together an outfit for an event, and I just could not find the perfect little bag to go along with it. All I wanted to take with me were my phone, my keys and my credit card. As I certainly did not want to carry more then needed I was looking for a little waist bag, you know, something you can wear on your hips or waist?! Of course it had to be elegant and chic to match my dress. That’s when the idea of the POUCHI bag was born!”

Describe POUCHI in no more than five words?
I have three words for you: Elegant, Practical and Multifunctional.

What kind of materials dominate your designs?
Leather, I love leather. Leather develops its own unique character the more you wear it and it’s timeless. I love the smell, the structure and the possibilities of leather. A good and nice piece of leather can take my breath away.

Pouchi bag

Who is the woman that buys POUCHI?
The sophisticated woman who thinks that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough and therefore LOVES practical stuff. Party people who love to have their hands free while dancing and any woman who wants to stand out in an elegant way.

What is the most rewarding part about designing POUCHI bags?
The freedom to express my creativity. The feeling of being so passionate about designing. The purpose to create something and to see others get enthusiastic about my designs. But most of all: the euphoria I am experiencing of being blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love.

POUCHI purse

As with most designers, you are probably already developing your new collection while promoting your latest one.  What can we expect to see in Autumn Winter 2013/2014?
I cannot tell you a lot about my new collection: it should be a surprise! Even I am surprising myself with what I create. But what I can tell you is that POUCHI will have a gentlemen collection too. I already thought of a very cool name for it. But you can look forward to more leather, more texture, more creativity and of course elegant and practical designs.

Could you share style tips how to wear POUCHI, with by Styling Amsterdam readers?
Wow, I don’t know where to begin. You can style a POUCHI bag in almost infinite ways. It’s a real must see accessory. Mostly I wear it as a waist bag or a shoulder bag. Sometimes I wear the chain without the bag and use the bag as a wallet or a clutch. But also with the chain, you as a POUCHI owner, can play with your outfit and attach the bag in any style you want. Elegant, chic or sturdy. It’s up to you! I have some pictures to give you an idea. Check it out:

ways to wear POUCHI

I have to ask you Veronica, what do you carry in your purse?
All of my MUSTHAVES: lipstick, bronzer plus brush, keys, iPhone, (credit, debit, ID, health insurance) and other cards, business cards, cash, chewing gum – This is all I need when I’m out: nothing more, nothing less 🙂



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