Exclusive Interview with Jewelry Designer MaukeV

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Find out what inspires her ,her jewelry style tips & what she thinks about Fashion blogs…

How did MaukeV Jewelry Designs begin?
I have designed my own clothing and lingerie line before, worked on music videos. I had a great time doing that but it was never satisfying so after 8 years in fashion I decided to choose for my first love, jewelry and I am still enjoying it. Designing and creating jewelry makes me very happy!
What inspires you?
It can be anything, but for my recent collection I draw most of my inspiration from my memories of my childhood, my family and my trip to Nigeria and Surinam.
What are some of your favorite materials to work with and create with?
Sterling Silver is absolutely my favorite, I just like it so much when it is lightly oxidized.
maukev jewelry
What’s your personal favorite piece?
 I have three! The Choker Flower Sculpture, The Choker Viking with matching bracelet and The Feathers Afrik, they are my favorite because they represent my personal style: edgy and feminine. Wearing these pieces I personally feel strong and sexy.
What are the differences between being England based vs Holland based?
Oh I am not based in England just in Amsterdam, but I love to travel to London often. In the near future I hope to open a showroom there.
What are your thoughts on blogs – do you read any?
Well it’s is a very good place to express yourself to the world, you can share your thoughts and your passions with others. For now there is not a specific blog I follow regulary but when a blog draws my attention I will definitely read it,
You must be such a busy woman! what do you do in your free time?
Honestly i haven’t had much free time for months. But if possible I love relaxing with my family, husband and kids.
What are your favorite  Spring/Summer beauty/fashion trends

I always wear high heels, mostly combined with skinny jeans, white blouse or top, motorcycle jacket and natural make-up, then I’m ok!. But a little black dress looks nice on me too!


Where can we buy MaukeV Jewelry in Holland? 
The collection can only be bought from the MAUKE V Online shop. www.maukev.com
Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?
The most important thing is that I will be able to continue creating unique and timeless pieces for women
A tip on how to style jewelry for By StylingAmsterdam readers?
The most expressive jewelry is a necklace. It’s great piece of jewelry to complement your outfit and it can draw attention to specific features depending upon the length, color and style you choose.
The best tip I have for your readers is to let your mood decide! That always works for me.For further information about MAUKE V Jewelry visit:www.maukev.com

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