Product Review:Scala BioPromise Slimming Legging

scala slimming legging


Thank you so much to Scala Benelux and to send us the BioPromise Slimming Leggings,This product is Scala Bio-Fir Slimming/Shaper Wear and it reduces cellulite. Did you hear that? REDUCES CELLULITE!!!!!!!
Approximately 3 weeks ago Scala Benelux send us the BioPromise Slimming Legging. I will start to wear it from Monday and update every 2 weeks.Scala promises results in 30 days

  • Increases cell metabolism and blood flow at skin level
  • Increase lymphatic drainage eliminating body liquids and / or swelling
  • Reduces body size through lymphatic drainage
  • Helps fight cellulite

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