Happy Sinterklaas Day…..(Vrolijke Sinterklaasdag)!

Tomorrow is the Dutch holiday,St.Nicholas(Sinterklaas in Dutch),You’ve probably heard of this Dutch holiday ,A day where this white haired man and his helpers (zwarte pieten) come to your home to drop off some goodies for your family.

We all remember when we was a child the man in his red cape and big white beard!!!

Let us just give you a little background info and give you a rundown on what happens previous to this date. Two to three weeks before Dec 5th, Sinterklaas arrives from Spain with his helpers on his famous steamboat. Parents with their children will be standing across the dock to hail him in and to probably get some candy. During these weeks children have the opportunity to lay down their shoe,If they have been good they receive pepernootjes (gingerbread-type nuggets that are better than gingerbread and, if made right, are really, really good), candy, a small gift and a chocolate letter, the initial of their first name.

Even though this holiday is fun for kids, adults can have some fun too. In your family or in the working place everyone puts their name on a piece of paper and throws it in a hat. At the end you all grab a random piece of paper from the hat, which means that you have to buy a small or funny gift for that person. On dec 5theveryone gets to open their ‘surprise’not knowing who bought the gift to you with an humorous poetry written by the giver and the infamous ‘surprise’, which is basically a (homemade) gag gift that hides another present inside

It’s a fun and happy time that brings people together in a great environment.
We hope you all have a great Sinterklaas Day!

By June & Monica

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