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Sara Gallo is a young singer, which rapidly attacks the worlds charts and sweeping radio stations. She was born in Croatia though she lives and works in America,Sara is a young, beautiful and ambitious, and have no doubt that she will succeed. Sara opened for us and told us all about her relationship with Eric Saade and her latest song and how people experience as a sex symbol rather than as a singer, and the removal for the Playboy.

1.How are you today? Tell us what do you do now?
I’m great, thanks. I’m working on my new song “Fly Away” and we expect a lot, since we have an excellent text and the song is a dance so I hope it will play in clubs soon.

2.Tell us what if the song does not work? You think you have enough fans to push you?
I will succeed, because my fans are the best in the world. Perhaps because of all this and what I’m doing because they are supportive and believe in me.

3. Whispers are going around about you in connection with Eric Saade, is this true?
Yes, it’s true. Behind us are a few nice months.

4. How did you meet?
I met Eric working on my tour this summer, which took me to the beautiful parts of Sweden. When I saw him on television there, I had to get to him even though I did not know that he will heat up the atmosphere for my appearance.

6. How was your first meeting?
Eric was on stage and I was in the back, after he finished I caught him and said: “Don’t let me wait” and “I do not know anyone” and “I want to see the city.” (Ha ha ha, you should have seen his face at that moment). Walking on stage I prayed for him to wait for me because I was not sure how to fulfill my desire to my happiness.

7. How you respond to what people experience you as a sex symbol?
I am definitely flattered by that title eventhough I had enough and does not help, because there are plenty of guys who fall in love with me, so they create problems where its not to be especially when I tell them that i have boyfriend.

8. Tell us about your new song
The song is called “Fly Away”. The text and arrangement are from a Croatian writer who writes songs for croatian performers. I hope that the song will achieve great success throughout the world, but my job is done now and the rest is up to the people who love and appreciate my work.

9. You took your clothes of for Playboy, what was your feeling, and would you do it again?
I did. A long time ago I was at the very beginning of my career. So it’s certainly an experience that I will remember because people the I worked with were very professional and I was not uncomfortable at all. I am not sure if I will do it again.

10. How did Eric react to that?
I do not know know whether or not we talk about it because it was a long time ago, but I convinced him not to mind and  not to be angry. He knows that he is my love and that’s the most important thing.

11. I see that you think you love Eric. Will there be a wedding or engagement?
I really love him, I’ve never been happier, and I can thank him. If there is something like that I think you’ll know.

12. Tell me what kind of role model do you have, if you have anyone?
Yes, and I can safely say that this is by Toni Braxton, she is an extremely appreciated and respected artist. One day I hope to be remembered the same way as I remember her.

13. Do you forgive mugging?
In principle, this is the only thing over which i do not want and can not cross because if I can not refrain cheating then it expected in return, just as it tempted men and women come, but if u love someone completly no fraud and no big jealousy place in a relationship, although jealousy still must be a little

14. What if Eric cheated you?
Nothing, because this can not happen
„He is the best boyfriend and i love him“

15. And will you admitted the fraud that you do?
even that can not occur

16. Briefly plans for the future related to your career?
Three new video soon, hopefully below cooperation as before. maybe i do some film, and much more which will all be informed on my official page on Facebook.

17. By Styling Amsterdam really appreciated your time. Do you have any last comments that you feel would benefit most of our readers or  your fans?
I want to thank them for their support and the all the time that they stood behind me. Continue to enjoy and listen to my songs. big kiss and I love you all.



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  1. This is a lie… if she was saying the truth, why she doesn’t have any photo with Saade? The girl of the photo with Eric is Tone Damli, a Norwegian singer, isn’t Sara… LOL she’s a attention whore… She also has in her YT a video about ‘her and Eric’ dancing gangman style, in NY, at halloween… hmmmm… so, if it’s really Eric… why was he in Stockholm with her mother, sister and her ex-girlfriend Molly Sandén, in a Halloween’s party?

    LOL Sara needs to get a another joke, cuz Saadists don’t believe on her!

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