Exclusive Interview With Italian Shoe Designer Diego Dolcini

Shoes are my big Obsession,and i was given the chance to meet Famous “Maestro”Italian Shoe Designer Diego Dolcini in his atelier.
Read below my complete interview with Diego Dolcini.

How did you get into shoe designing?
I couldn’t image any other job for me.
Since I was a child I have been attracted and curious toward the shoes. I experienced the allure since childhood.
I have always been thinking shoes are the best expression of femininity, sensuality and elegance. The idea to forge such a strong symbol was exciting for me and I have always been trying to consider it a real and true design object.
From there my architectural studies at The Politecnico of Milan and Academy of Belle Arti in Bologna gave me the opportunity to win a scholarship for a master in fashion design at the Domus Academy in Milan, where I got graduated with Gianfranco Ferrè.
Immediately after, I did start an intense and lucky collaborative activity with quite important fashion companies such as Bruno Magli, Gucci, Trussardi, Emilio Pucci, Casadei, Narciso Rodriguez  and many more. I have been then able to start my own brand Diego Dolcini and ended up on the “feet” of some of the most beautiful women around the world.

How would you describe your designs and what are your criteria for a well constructed and well designed shoe?
My designs are mostly all inspired from architectural structures and natural beauties.
To me, it is crucial that the shoe, beside the sexy silouette and high heels, is very confortable and easy to wear, even all day long.
I like the idea every woman can wear them without suffering and feeling sexy.

And how long does this process take?
After 20 years designing normally takes few houres once I have a concept in my mind. Then I have to decide materials and colors and pass then everything to production.

How did you get to where you are today?
I have been studying Architecture at The Politecnico di Milano first and then to The Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, where I won a scholarship for a Master in fashion design at the Domus Academy in Milan.The next step it was quite natural for me and I did start my first collaborations with important fashion brands such as Pucci and Bulgari.

What or where do you get your inspiration from?
My work inspirations are all the beautiful things surrounding me: art, movies, fashion, people I meet. My creative inspiration could come out from a good movie that enchanted me or from a breathtaking sculpture.
To mix and measure the beauty of the world in an ergonomic shape of a shoe: that is my job and the daily challenge with myself. My inspiration font doesn’t change between past and future, but I am sure to change is in my personal vision of things.
My travel brings me to discover always new things that give me emotions and curiosity and the result could be a new Diego Dolcini Collection.

What is your favorite fashion designer?
I love Andrè Perugia creations, which is a shoes designer from the beginning of the XX century: his creations are futuristic and a source of inspiration for me and as much as a lot of my colleagues still nowadays.

Do you have a team or do you work alone?
I have an assistant helping me in the research and designs and a personal assistant for everything else.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
When Mr Tom Ford invited me to join Gucci as accessories design director, which it has been the most important professional moment for me in the fashion golden period and when in 1994 I started my own company.
Who would you like to wear your shoes?
A superstar or a high class society girl: my collections are kept down but they can be useful for both kind of girls, seemingly antithetic. You can find a clear pump made with essential colors and sophisticated materials perfect for have a cup of tea in the Royal London and you can find also a rock sandal with swarovski and cock’s feathers, perfect for a popstar. You can find this kind of shoes in the best boutiques worldwide and also on the most important red carpet on stars like Rihanna, Julia Roberts, Beyonce, just to mention few.
What future footwear projects do you have planned?
I am trying to empower Diego Dolcini product adding new and contemporary styles. I am back to Diego Dolcini heritage and analyzing my distinguishing features in order to find the true Dolcini spirit.
Architecture is the main and recurring theme of the new Diego Dolcini SS 13 collection. The concept is a game of floating shapes and lines suspensions, where buildings and  textured  constructions are the strong references.
Plateau and sculptural wedge are like platform, material is mixed in colors and typology. There is  a strong material mix,  the combination of calf with precious silk, combined with technical solutions such as metallic and spreader.
Colors come from nature, from natural leather to the precious metallic palettes, passing through the brightest precious stones colors like rubin and emerald.
Black and White follow each other in a graphic way in this collection and get mixed in a perfect way to the brightness armory of the metallic colors, such as gold and silver.
This collection is full of charme and personality. A modern collection, whit skinny heels, dinamic and contemporary shapes all dedicated to a cosmpolitan and sophisticate woman.


Do you have a shoe motto?
I have always had a fascination for adorning this part of the body once hidden. My anxiety to emphasize the beauty of women’s feet sublimated in a kind of     architectural structure that is extremely exciting”.

Thank you very much Diego Dolcini,It was such an honour to meet you!
I would love to be a Italian Girl Living in Milan,Florence,Bologna or Rome city that has so much energy and that offers so many things to do, sounds too good to be true.Whenever I am there, I am truly enjoying my time.so once again thank you so much to Diego Dolcini Team.
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