Orange And Black Halloween Cupcakes

Today is all about Halloween! These cupcakes are easy to make with your kids, and really fun!

What You’ll Need:
White cake mix (of your choice)
1 Tablespoon cocoa powder
Black food dye/gel
Orange food dye/gel
Plastic ziploc bags
Cupcake Liners (I prefer the black ones for this)
1.  Mix your white cake batter and divide it in half.  Add orange food coloring to one half until the desired shade of orange, then add cocoa powder and black food coloring to the other half until black.
2.  This step is not necessary but it will make this SO MUCH easier on you.  Put the batter into two separate ziploc bags and cut a tip.  Once the liners are in the pan, start by piping orange batter into the center of liner.
2.  Pipe black batter into the center of your orange batter, then alternate these steps until your liner is 2/3 filled.
3.  Once they’re baked, just cool them and decorate!
Perfect idea for Trick or Treat !
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